iOS 6.1.4 Released for iPhone 5 to Fix Bugs with No Change to Baseband 3.04.25

Apple silently released an update especially for iPhone 5 yesterday to fix a minor bug. The baseband version stayed the same at 3.04.25.

The latest iOS update which is meant for iPhone 5 only is designed to fix and update the audio profile for speakerphone. If you’re not a frequent user of your iPhone’s speakerphone, the update may not be entirely useful for you.

A user who updated her iPhone 5 to iOS 6.1.4 said:

It makes the speaker sound much more clearer then before tried a call and used the speaker and i find it made a big improvement fro before! much clearer sound!

However, many people may not notice the difference. Probably it’s just purely psychological.

There was no change in the modem firmware (baseband) version 3.04.25, which means it’s still exploitable to be unlocked using R-SIM or any other similar SIM interposer. However, if you have already jailbroken your iPhone 5 using evasi0n you should avoid updating it because you will lose your jailbreak.

Since there’s no bootrom level exploit publicly available yet, you can’t downgrade your iPhone 5 to previous iOS version once you’re on iOS 6.1.4. Unfortunately you’ll have to wait until the next jailbreak is released. If you’re new to using iPhone, this will become a painful lesson especially if you rely a lot on your jailbreak apps.

High battery drain which is a widely reported issue among iPhone users is probably not yet resolved in iOS 6.1.4. A user on Apple support forum reported that the problem got worse after updating his iOS. It’s difficult to pinpoint whether this an just an isolated incident or will it affect all iPhone 5′s. Apple is currently doing a total overhaul of the iOS so maybe the battery issue will be resolved in iOS 7.

The size of the patch is approximately 12MB which should take you a few minutes to download and apply the update.

Have you installed iOS 6.1.4 yet?

… And oh, the image you see at the top is a logic board of factory unlocked AT&T iPhone 5, in the process of being tested for our logic board swap program.

Why Can’t You Google for ‘Downgrade iPhone Baseband 4.12.05 Solution’?

You’ve just updated to iOS 6.1.3 and spent countless hours online to find a solution to downgrade your iPhone baseband but to no avail. Stop wasting time – it’s not possible.

If you found this blog by accident it’s very likely that you’ve been trying to find a solution on how to downgrade your iPhone 4′s modem firmware which has been updated to 4.12.05. Your ultimate aim is, of course, to unlock your iPhone 4 which is already on version 4.12.05. It’s a frustrating experience because you tried various online tutorials and read contradicting reports or blogs on how to downgrade your iPhone 4 baseband but none of them had helped you address this problem.

As I’ve mentioned earlier in this article, downgrading iPhone 4 baseband 4.12.05 to a lower version is not possible, and probably will never be. Apple, Inc., well known for their “superb ecosystem” of devices, patched the exploits since the iPhone 4 was first introduced. The main purpose of this is for “security”, but I believe it’s more for supporting their partner carriers so that people who are on one carrier can’t easily switch carriers. Each time there’s a software update, Apple will do anything they can do patch any potential exploit that will allow unlocking or downgrading of iPhone’s baseband.

The first unlock available for iPhone 4 was a few months after it was first released in June 2010. I still remember back then when iOS 4 was launched together with this product, hackers were busy trying to find exploits for jailbreaking the iOS 4. The first modem firmware that comes with iOS 4 was baseband 1.59.00. When the untethered jailbreak was made available, hackers were able to hack that baseband and it was unlocked with ultrasn0w. Sadly, that was the only baseband that was exploitable and can be unlocked. Hackers have been putting high hopes to iPhone 4 users saying that the newer baseband can be unlocked or downgraded. That didn’t happen.

Three years later, iPhones baseband still can’t be unlocked using software method. Now, notice that I mentioned software method here. This is because it was still possible to unlock the iPhone 4 using a small third party device called Gevey SIM. If you bought a used iPhone from someone else, you may notice in the SIM tray that there’s a SIM card like device with a small microchip on it. This was an interesting piece of device that was able to unlock baseband 2.10.04, 3.10.01 and 4.10.01.

However, there was one tiny exception. Early least year a glitch with Apple’s activation servers around the world allowed any iPhone to be unlocked using a jailbreak app called SAM Preferences. This exploit was found by a young Chinese hacker here in Beijing. Apple was quick to address this issue by patching all their activation servers around the world.

Today, there’s still no method available to downgrade your iPhone 4 baseband 4.12.05 to a lower version. You can save your time from searching more on Google because you can’t find a solution or worst, you might be scammed by this company who claims that they can downgrade your baseband. Maybe you should consider getting your iPhone officially unlocked instead, which is by far the most superior (and only) solution available to unlock iPhone 4 baseband 4.12.05.

Turn New Yahoo Weather App as iOS Default with YahooWeatherisBetter Jailbreak Tweak

If you love the new Yahoo Weather App you should make it your iPhone’s default weather app. Here’s how to do it.

As part of Yahoo’s effort to re-establish themselves as game players, they recently launched their new Yahoo weather app for iOS. It is probably one of the best looking, or if not, the best weather app out there. The interface is clean, crisp, dashboard-like information including fancy animation for the wind speed. It also uses real images of the weather location from Flickr as background.

If you compare it with the default iOS weather app, it’s simply light years ahead. Probably Apple will revamp its original weather app in iOS 7, which should be released anytime before end of the year. In the meantime you should download and install Yahoo’s free weather app. Once you’ve done that, you can turn it as your iOS’ default weather app by installing a jailbreak tweak called YahooWeatherisBetter.

YahooWeatherisBetter is a simple jailbreak tweak that changes your default iOS weather app to Yahoo Weather App. Installing it is easy and free, launch Cydia and search for it under the BigBoss repo. Then you have a few toggle buttons available to tweak it as shown below.

The menu above will be presented to you under Settings. Just tap on Enable Tweak will make Yahoo Weather App as the default iOS weather app instantly. You can also replace the icon (or reroute as the developer calls it). It might be important for you to know that it doesn’t reroute Siri’s weather result. So if you regularly use Siri to provide you weather reports, you may have contradicting results although this isn’t such a big deal.

Well, that’s a free and simple jailbreak tweak you should consider pairing with your beautiful Yahoo Weather app.

AT&T and T-Mobile Share the Same iPhone (Smartphones) IMEI Blacklist Database

If you have an AT&T iPhone that’s already blacklisted, you should know that you won’t be able to use it on T-Mobile because both companies are sharing the same blacklist database.

Smartphones revolutionized on how we live, work and play. They become an absolute necessity for most people no matter where they are on this planet. As the demand increases, smartphones are now one of the primary targets for thieves. If an iPhone is stolen or gone missing, the owner can report it to their service provider or carrier and the device can be disabled simply by blacklisting the IMEI. I wrote a post a few months ago specifically about What Ever Happens to IMEI Blacklisted iPhones or Other Popular Smartphones?

AT&T started their IMEI blacklist database in July 2012 while T-Mobile did it just about 3 months after that. In order to prevent missing devices to be used on another network, AT&T and T-Mobile started sharing the blacklist database.

A few months before this initiative, if an AT&T iPhone was blacklisted, it’s still possible to use it on T-Mobile. Of course this doesn’t deter thefts or such therefore this is one of the primary reasons why sharing a blacklist database was the way to go.

IMEI blacklisting is usually localized to the country’s service providers. For example, if an iPhone is blacklisted in USA, it can still be used in Australia because the service providers in both countries don’t share the same database. This is why we offer logic board swap for our customers.

When the first generation iPhone was launched, there’s a method to change or spoof the IMEI using ZiPhone. The exploit was patched by Apple a long time ago so it is no longer possible. IMEI spoofing is illegal in many countries especially European countries. It was possible to do it on older mobile phones, but there’s no way to do it on the iPhone without physically replacing the baseband chips on the logic board.

If you have an T-Mobile device, here are two simple ways on how you can check if the IMEI is blacklisted.

How to Check if a T-Mobile iPhone or Device is Blacklisted (US-Based Customers)

Method 1: The easiest method would be going to your nearest T-Mobile store and speak to a customer service representative. They have access to T-Mobile’s IMEI blacklist database and they should be able to check it right away.

Method 2: Another method is to purchase a prepaid T-Mobile SIM card. During the process of activating the SIM card, the IVR (interactive voice response) system will ask for your device’s IMEI. If the IMEI is not blacklisted (or clean), it will let you proceed with activation. However, if the IMEI is blacklisted you won’t be able to proceed and it will tell you that the IMEI is blocked. You can use this method of checking over and over again until the SIM card is activated.

Currently there is no real practical solution if you got yourself a blacklisted iPhone. However, the most ideal solution for now is to clean/clear the IMEI from blacklist. Our team is able to clear the blacklist for the following network:

Unfortunately there will always be people buying devices with blacklisted IMEI. If you plan to buy a used iPhone or any device at all, please be sure to read my blog post on 5 Tips on Buying Used iPhone Online on eBay or Craigslist to Avoid Scam or do an IMEI blacklist check.

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