Yahoo’s Weather App for iPhone is Absolutely Beautiful and Stunning – Must Download!

This is one of the most stunning looking iOS apps out there. It combines beauty, function and art. Download it now if you haven’t.

The built-in weather app for iOS was great when it first came out but now it’s already dated. There wasn’t any major change since the first iOS version. Meanwhile, Yahoo has just released their latest weather app and I must admit it’s one of the best looking apps out there. It’s well designed and packed with nice little features.

Once you set your current location, it will pull photos of your local town or city from Flickr and displays the current weather conditions. It will also display whether it’s day time or night time. Useful for those who don’t have a window in their apartments.

Swiping down gives you the forecast for the next five days. The weather data is provided by, which has been around since the boom of the internet age.

You can also find the current humidity, visibility and the ‘actual feel’ of the current temperature.

The Wind and Pressure widget shows animated windmills which I assume will spin faster depending on the current wind speed. Finally, you can also see the Sun and Moon positions with sunrise and sunset times.

It looks great on an iPhone 5, going to try it on my iPad mini (if available). Download it for free from the App Store.

Foxconn is Now Hiring to Start Mass Producing iPhone 5S and Other Models

Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have recently reported that Foxconn has begun hiring more people in China to begin assembling the new iPhone 5S.

This is inline with Apple’s rumored plan of releasing new iPhone models in the next 3 months. Apple is also trying to increase production capacity and avoid any delays in shipment just like what happened with the iPhone 5 late last year.

Foxconn is Apple’s main partner and supplier which has produced millions of iOS gadgets over the past few years.

The plant that will see the highest number of recruitment is the one in Zhengzhou, in the Eastern part of China.

“Workers have been recruited at Foxconn’s plant in Zhengzhou, eastern China, for the past month, ending a hiring freeze imposed in February,” said the person, who asked not to be named because the plans haven’t been made public. “The extra workers will assemble the new device as well as existing models and have been added at Apple’s request to boost capacity,” the person said.

It was reported that approximately 10,000 new Chinese workers have been added every week since the recruitment started.

Of course, in the next few months or so, we’ll start reading and hearing rumors on the new iPhone(s) again, which eventually will become true, just like the previous two iPhone models.

Predictable again? Hope not.

Image: Low cost iPhone concept via

How to Turn On/Off iPhone Flash/Light while Recording Video with Record ‘n’ Torch

So you’re shooting a video with your iPhone but then it got too dark. Now you can toggle the flash/light with a simple tap without stopping your recording.

This cool jailbreak tweak is called Record ‘n’ Torch and as explained in the title it allows you to turn and off your iPhone’s flash while shooting a video. When the ambient light gets poor, it will definitely help without the need to stop your recording.

To install it just launch Cydia and it’s available under the BigBoss repo. Once installed, start recording and you can find the button on the screen. You can drag it to place it anywhere on the screen and to toggle your iPhne’s flash/light, simply tap on it.

The developer tried to add the button to make it as though is built together with the camera native app, but it seems he had some troubles with that so that’s why he chose to make it a seperate button instead. It still works, still as elegant and very handy indeed.

This is one of the reasons why jailbreaking is great because you get to tweak your iPhone if Apple didn’t  make certain features available.

This Pickpocket Uses Chopsticks to Steal People’s iPhones in China

This is ultimate Kungfu indeed! Not only he steals iPhones using chopsticks, he can do the act while his victims are cycling!

So it was Xiao Chen’s (not her real name) typical daily routine riding her bike to work. Meanwhile, Wang waits for his next victim along a busy street in Zhengzhou, China.

Wang saw Xiao Chen and took out a pair of chopsticks from his pocket. As Xiao Chen was cycling through the street, Wang uses his Kungfu he learned from his master not too long ago (not true) to steal her iPhone that was placed inside her right pocket (true).

Coincidentally, his act was captured by a photojournalist “who happens to be there”. His pictures were posted online and after Wang found out that he became an overnight internet sensation, he gave up himself to the police.

Wang confessed to the police that he’s been doing this to support his young daughter.

Anything can happen in China.


Safely Update to iOS 6.1.3 to Unlock iPhone 4 or 3GS with Sn0wbreeze Custom Firmware

If you use ultrasn0w or Gevey SIM to unlock your iPhone, here’s the ultimate guide to safely update to iOS 6.1.3 while preserving your baseband.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re tired of messing around with jailbreaking/unlocking, AT&T iPhone can now be permanently unlocked and many other worldwide network as well!

You’ve probably read the following countless times, but if you’re new to using locked iPhone, it may be worthwhile to read and understand the points below:

  • Sn0wbreeze doesn’t unlock your iPhone, but rather it only helps you build custom firmware that will preserve iPhone baseband (modem firmware) that can be unlocked either using ultrasn0w or Gevey SIM.
  • There’s no known software method to downgrade your baseband (except for 3GS), once it’s updated, there’s no turning back. However, we do offer permanent factory unlock for AT&T iPhones and iPhones on other countries network.
  • With sn0wbreeze 2.9.14 (Windows only), the jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 is currently tethered for iPhone 4 and earlier iPhone models (3GS with old bootrom is always untethered). A5 devices such as iPhone 4S is not supported at this time.
  • If you’ve downgraded your iPhone 4 baseband chip with us, this guide will be useful for you. Under no circumstances you should restore using stock firmware.

What you need:

  • iPhone 4 with baseband 01.59.00 (supported by ultrasn0w) or 02.10.4, 03.10.01 and 04.10.01 (unlock with Gevey SIM) OR iPhone 3GS with baseband 05.11.07, 05.12.01, 05.13.04 or iPad baseband 06.15.00.
  • Sn0wbreeze 2.9.14 from
  • Ultrasn0w 1.2.8 (for supported baseband only)

Note: Currently, there’s still no way to preserve iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 baseband. Check our Store for possible official unlocking options.

Before you begin, always remember to backup your iPhone.

WARNING: Proceed at your own risks. This guide is for reference only.

Part One: Building and Installing Custom iOS 6.1.3 Firmware (Baseband Preserved)

The first part involves the building and installing custom iOS 6.1.3 firmware. ‘Hacktivation’ is needed if you don’t have the official SIM card. The second part of this tutorial explains the steps to unlock your iPhone: Part 2(a) is using ultrasn0w for supported baseband only or Part 2(b) is for Gevey SIM for iPhone 4.

You can also download these ready made custom iOS 6.1.3 firmware for iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 (will upload soon). Mac users can use the latest redsn0w to pawn DFU before restoring.

1. Download original iOS 6.1.3 firmware (IPSW) for iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS directly from Apple. It’s highly recommended that you save it locally for future use.

2. Download Sn0wbreeze 2.9.14 from

3. Start sn0wbreeze.

4. Click browse and locate the original iOS 6.1.3 that you just downloaded.

5. Sn0wbreeze will identify the IPSW file. Click Next.

6. Choose one of the modes below:

  • iFaith Mode: Builds custom iOS and stitches it with your saved SHSH.
  • Expert Mode: Preserves your baseband, will jailbreak and hacktivate (activate).
  • Simple Mode (recommended): Preserves your baseband, will jailbreak and hacktivate.

7. Now it will ask you whether you want to hacktivate or not. Select “Yes”. Now wait until sn0wbreeze completes building the custom iOS 6.1.3 for you.

Once the custom iOS 6.1.3 is ready you will find it on your desktop. Before restoring your iPhone, you MUST put your iPhone into pwned DFU mode using iREB. This allows it to accept custom firmware. Otherwise, you’ll get an error message during restore. iREB will appear as soon as custom firmware is built. You can also access it on the menu bar of sn0wbreeze.

To begin restoring, be sure your iPhone is already in pwned DFU mode (black screen) then launch iTunes, press shift on your keyboard and click restore. Select the custom firmware that was just created. To be sure, the file name always begin with sn0wbreeze_iPhone_xxxxxxx.

If you get error 3194, use this guide to fix it. For other iTunes errors, refer to this.

Part Two (a): Unlock with ultrasn0w 1.2.8 from Cydia [for supported baseband only]

Ultrasn0w 1.2.8 is supported for iOS 6.1.3:

1. Launch Cydia and add the following repo by going to Manage > Sources > Edit > Add:

2. Search for ultrasn0w 1.2.8.

3. Install ultrasn0w 1.2.8.

4. Reboot your device. Remember to use iBooty to boot your iPhone  as the jailbreak for A4-based and newer 3GS devices are still tethered!

If you’re experiencing no service or one bar issue with iPhone 4 baseband 1.59.00, use this fix.

Part Two (b): Unlock with Gevey SIM [for iPhone 4 baseband 02.10.01, 03.10.01 or 04.10.01 only]

1. Eject your SIM tray and reboot your iPhone.

2. Once restarted, unlock your screen. Turn off 3G and cell data (you can turn these on later). Insert your SIM tray along with your SIM card and Gevey SIM.

3. Wait for Accept Screen. Tap Accept.

4. You will see No Service (in iOS 4.x, you will see one signal bar). Wait for 15-20 seconds and dial 112. Hang up after 1-2 seconds.

5. Turn on Airplane Mode and wait for ‘NO SIM CARD INSTALLED’ message. Turn off Airplane Mode and you will see ‘SIM FAILURE’ and tap OK. Your iPhone will connect to your network now.

That’s it! Your iPhone is now unlocked on iOS 6.1.3 along with tethered jailbreak.

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