How to Setup iPhone 5s Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner on iOS 7

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If you just got yourself the iPhone 5s and would like to setup the Touch ID fingerprint scanner, here’s how to do it, and it’s super easy.

The iPhone 5s fingerprint scanner technology which is called Touch ID is probably one of the most useful features introduced in their iPhone lines. While many have voiced their concerns about this feature, it’s no doubt that it raised the bar on smartphones technology.

So how do you setup Touch ID on your iPhone 5s? Here’s how.

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1. On your iPhone 5s, go to Settings.

2. Go to Passcode and Fingerprints.

3. Tap on Fingerprints.

4. Tap on My thumb.

5. On the Place Your Finger screen, follow the written instructions. What you need to do is basically move your thumb (or any finger of your choice) around the Home button. The scanner will map your fingerprint in real time and you will see it will be marked in red. Continue to move around until the fingerprint profile is complete.

6. Once done, you will see a Success message.

7. To verify, go back to the previous screen and simply put your finger on the Home button. You will see the profile highlighted momentarily. To test it, simply lock your iPhone by pressing the sleep/wake button on top. Press your finger and the home button and your iPhone will unlock instantly.

How to Add Additional Fingerprint Touch ID on iPhone 5s?

If you need to add additional finger (or another person’s finger) to unlock your iPhone 5s, please see the following instructions.

1. On your iPhone 5s, go to Settings.

2. Go to Passcode and Fingerprints.

3. Tap on Fingerprints.

4. Tap on Add a fingerprint and follow steps 5 to 7 above.

It’s super easy and of course, it’s exciting to see how this type of technology coming to our smartphones!

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