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  1. I want to ask the status of your order number: 144889.
    Order Date: 28 February 2014 16:24 CST, but after 2 days from the date of Order N contacts. email not know or have already implemented. Please inform me the status, with
    thank you very much

  2. Order 145232
    Hi! ^_^, I paid for an unlock of my iphone 4s but you refunded me saying you couldn’t since it was under contract but I check with and they told me it is not under contract, I even paid for the service to find out for sure, it not just the free service and they are assuring me it is OUT of contract so then why did you said otherwise, thanks, I hope to get an answer

  3. recently bought a used iphone, of course it was too good to be true the iphone ended up being stolen and was black listed. Is there anything i could do? its an at&t 5s. thanks

    • hey Fred I have a blacklisted 5's in Australia, I am doing a board swap program now with beijing iphone repair, but they have no board at present time to swap for me, so would you be interested in doing the swap program ? cheers David.

  4. re order #144825, I am ok with you keeping the logic board for a longer time until a suitable replacement comes in, it is not a problem, all I was asking for was an update, cheer and many thanks.

  5. Hi, I received a refund for order 145437. Any reason why not work Imei cleaner vodafone australia? Can i try again. assistance appreciate.

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