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  1. Any update on my Order 149473? Its been a month since i ordered this and until now i havent heard anything from you guys.

  2. Any uldate in my order 149473?! I order this May 13. Its been more than a month and still dont have any update yet. I checked my email for refund but no refund yet. Hope you can tell me whats going on on my order. Thank you and more power.

  3. I wonder how often you guys check you page now. Im checking my refund and mail for my order thats been placed more than a month ago. Still no update from you guys at all. Is this site still working or not anymore?! Please update me on my order. Thank you

  4. Took a while but finally my iPhone is unblacklisted! These guys really came through was sceptical at first but I definitely recommend them!! Thanks

    Also wanted to know, after the phone has been unblacklisted can it be unlocked through the official carrier?

  5. I received an email said that my order #149997 has been shipped on Aug 13. It passed 2 weeks already I haven't received it! Please help

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