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  1. Any update on my Order 149473? Its been a month since i ordered this and until now i havent heard anything from you guys.

    • the service takes 10-22 work days, also be sure you did submit clean IMEI for that specific service, otherwise carrier will take more time to complete it, if it goes beyond time frame, check your email for refund

      • Yes its clean and its been 25 business days now since i ordered it. Hope you can unlock it. Thank you and more power.

  2. Any uldate in my order 149473?! I order this May 13. Its been more than a month and still dont have any update yet. I checked my email for refund but no refund yet. Hope you can tell me whats going on on my order. Thank you and more power.

  3. I wonder how often you guys check you page now. Im checking my refund and mail for my order thats been placed more than a month ago. Still no update from you guys at all. Is this site still working or not anymore?! Please update me on my order. Thank you

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