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  1. Hello,
    I bought a phone that is locked to AT&T. I used a service to unlock the phone but believe it is still on the Verison blacklist. If I use this service will my IMEI be removed from the blacklist and i will I be able to use my iPhone on the Verison network??

  2. I have a at&t iphone 6s, full price purchased from at&t. On my account for 15 days and I canceled the service. But when I try to unlock it. The at&t website says it is active on other at&t customer account. Could you unlock my iphone?

  3. Hi, i have iPhone 6 iOS 9.3.2 the imei is attached in verizon and blacklist (lost/stolen).. I buy full price in san marteen, work during 3 months. Is possible clean this imei the blacklist ?

  4. Hello. I purchased a iPhone 6 Plus and I checked the esn and it says it’s stolen/ lost on Sprint carrier and Blocked on Tmobile carrier. What service do I need to get esn cleaned so I can use it on tracfone network?

  5. Hello, I reported both my 128g's iPhone 6 and my 6+ stolen a few days ago but someone found them and returned them but Verizon will not remove them from the blacklist! Can you help? Is there any discount code possible for doing 2 phones?

  6. Hey, i have a verizon unlocked phone and it’s blacklisted in US and doesn’t work with any carrier here , can it work in africa?

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