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  1. What's the status of 150050?
    I ordered 20 days ago and there's no news. It still says awaiting processing and I've paid already.

  2. Hi, any update on my Order ID 149842 Date Jul 9, 2015.

    I haven't receive any update or refund on my order. Please let me know the status of my order. thank you!

  3. I need the update of Order #150280 I payed the express fee and today is the last day of the period,looks like my order is waiting for proccessing… it means nobody submit my IMEI yet…..

  4. Order ID 149842 Date Jul 9, 2015.

    HI, its been a week since you respond to my post. but i still have not receive my refund…

    3 months past and my order status is still on process. Please tell me whats going on…

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