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  1. So I bought a Sprint iPhone 6s that isn unfortunately blacklisted/reported and they will not refund me . If I did your services will my phone be unlocked and useful guaranteed? It says if it was blacklisted in the USA it won’t work after unlocking . So i would be wasting my Money right ?

  2. Hi this is abhay, actually i bought an iphone . It was all right when I bought it but 4 days it reported to sprint that phone is stolen. Even i paid a good amount for this i phone.

    It whould be great if you will help me to get out of this shit please.

  3. Any updates on the blacklisted iPhone yet? It’s been past the 1-5 working days that I paid extra to get done sooner.

  4. Hi, Kindly update the status of my order #151418, its already 5 days now and I didn't get unlock confirmation mail yet.

  5. hi there, I was sold a blacklisted iphone 6 because of past due payments. will this service help remove it? it's for sprint.

  6. hi,the "*Exclusive* USA T-Mobile iPhone Unblock/Unbarring/Blacklist Removal [PROMO]", only remove blacklisted status of the iPhone?
    or it unlock it too?

  7. Good day? I bought a USA AT&T iPhone 6 unluckily it has blacklisted I tried to unlock it with another iPhone unlocker it but this is what they have send to me (We attempted to remove your iCloud locked device from the previous owner's account but were unable to do so as the iDevice 6 (352065061559396) is unfortunately marked by Apple as Lost/Stolen.) would like to know if you can help me and how much will it cost me.

  8. I lost my phone and it was returned to me. Rogers network provider blacklisted my phone. Anyway to get it back working? It's past the 7 days and the device protection plan company Asurion won't let it get Unblacklisted. Any suggestions of what I can do ?

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