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  1. order146412 and 146411 both orders have been processing for 9 days, can you please update me on why it is taking so long, thanks

  2. I have a iPhone 5s. Reports stolen and blacklisted by at&t. Its has also have activation lock. Can you suggest please

  3. It's possible find the phone number using the IMEI or ICCID? I'm outside my original country. I bring my phone and the SIM chip with me, but I forgot the phone number of my original carrier. Thanks.

  4. hi
    i want to unlock this imei irlend meteor : 012750001587134
    the contract is over and i can't reach to the oner
    i from another country
    can i unlock it?

  5. I bought a sprint iPhone 4 off Craigslist and the store told me it has a bad ESN when I went to get it activated. Can this be fixed?

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