5 Reasons You Should Get Documents Signed Electronically

(Last Updated On: September 12, 2020)

For an organization that deals with tons of papers every day, the physical transition of the same might not be a good idea. Sending papers on and off the office will not only threaten the privacy of the data but is also the reason for mishandling and information loss. 

Probably, this is one reason why most organizations are embracing digital signatures for signing legal documents. You can rely on service providers like CocoSign for this.

For the uninitiated, digital signatures aren’t anything different from the physical signatures. Just that these are much more secure, fast, and reliable. It authenticates the credibility of the signer and is one of the most popular forms of identification used in the digital age. 

In case you are not sure how to use the software or sign your document using CocoSign, check this post. It gives you detailed information on how to sign a document using CocoSign.

Still not sure why digital signatures are a must? Here are five reasons for you to consider. 

Five Reasons Why You Should Consider Digital Signatures For Your Business Documents

  • Adds to security

Digital signatures account for privacy and security. What this means is that your confidential data would be totally safe and out of the risk of being altered or lost. No one can mess with digital files, let alone tamper them. With digital signatures, there arises no possibility of losing the data, alteration, or duplication. Also, you can be assured that the signature is 100% legit and doesn’t involve any malpractices. 

To add to this, certain software provides pins or passwords that further strengthen the process. Audit trials are conducted ensuring total security.

  • Cost-effective

The first and most important element here is the cost-efficiency of the process. Even though you might consider digitization to incur significant charges, the gross amount is less as compared to the cost associated with the traditional method of authenticating paper documents. 

With digital signatures, you can cut down the cost associated with the dispatch of paper, printing, resending, and tracking. What this means is that all of the cost that is spent on the paperwork sums down to zero. Not to forget the fact that digital signatures would have an added benefit of cutting down wastage of paper.

  • Faster Turnaround

When was the last time you shared a legal document with your client and then waited for the approval? Do you remember the total duration or the days it took for the overall process to be completed? It would definitely be more than the time turnaround time of digital signatures. 

With these, you can expect a response within hours of the initiation. Both parties have the ease to quickly access the document, assess them, and notify the concerned with an appropriate response.

  • Improved Workflow

Another reason why you should consider employing digital signatures within your business and use it for all the legal documents is the improved workflow. When you use electronic signatures, the same can be sent instantly, and also tracking becomes easy. Processes that earlier consumed days and weeks can now be done within hours. 

Also, you need not send individual documents to all parties. Simply share the electronic document and the job is done. Advanced software has a built-in system where reminders are sent to the right person indicating that the document needs to be viewed and duly signed. All of this streamlines operation, smoothening the entire workflow. 

  • Eliminate Physical Documents

Imagine your file room being packed with thousands of files and paper documents. Also, think about the storage space consumed in placing all of these. Isn’t that huge? Guess, it is!

Resorting to the digital form of signing and authenticating documents is an excellent way to reduce paper wastage. Cloud storage has made storing digital files easy and simple. Long gone are the days when you had to hire manpower to sort the files and pile them on the shelves so as to be referred to in the near future. Digital documents can be numbered and then extracted in a single click as and when needed


Wondering how to get started or incorporate digital signatures within your business operations? Get your electronic signatures software by CocoSign. 

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