Free iPhone IMEI Blacklist Checker for Australia Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Three and Virgin

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2014)

Use this free tool to check if your iPhone’s blacklist status if it is on Australia’s Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Three, Virgin or Hutchison.

Before purchasing any used iPhone, it’s extremely important that you check whether it’s blacklisted or not. A blacklisted iPhone will make it as good as a glorified iPod as you will have no way of using it because all mobile service providers in your country will block your iPhone’s IMEI from using their network.

If you’re in Australia, make it a habit to check before buying any smartphone.

Simply enter your 15-digit IMEI number and click query. Here are what the results mean:

  • Your IMEI Number is currently unblocked. -> your iPhone is not blocked by any network
  • Your IMEI Number is currently blocked by xxxxx (network name) on Dec 1, 2012 -> your iPhone is blocked by the stated carrier on that particular date. Note that it is also blocked by other carriers in Australia.
Please do note that this checker doesn’t work for non-Australian registered iPhones or smartphones. For example, if you have an AT&T iPhone from USA, entering your 15-digit IMEI will show that your iPhone is unblocked. Technically this is correct and how it should be. In some ways this tool is useful if you’re moving to Australia and need to make sure that your unlocked iPhone can be used there.

Most Australian iPhones can be factory unlocked even if blacklisted, however, once unlocked it cannot be used in Australia because the IMEI is barred on all network. The iPhone can still be used overseas because usually there’s no record of being blacklisted in other countries.

This checker should work for other smartphone makers too. Do tell your friends about this free checker courtesy of AMTA Australia.

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