How to Turn On/Off iPhone Flash/Light while Recording Video with Record ‘n’ Torch

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2020)

So you’re shooting a video with your iPhone but then it got too dark. Now you can toggle the flash/light with a simple tap without stopping your recording.

This cool jailbreak tweak is called Record ‘n’ Torch and as explained in the title it allows you to turn and off your iPhone’s flash while shooting a video. When the ambient light gets poor, it will definitely help without the need to stop your recording.

To install it just launch Cydia and it’s available under the BigBoss repo. Once installed, start recording and you can find the button on the screen. You can drag it to place it anywhere on the screen and to toggle your iPhne’s flash/light, simply tap on it.

The developer tried to add the button to make it as though is built together with the camera native app, but it seems he had some troubles with that so that’s why he chose to make it a seperate button instead. It still works, still as elegant and very handy indeed.

This is one of the reasons why jailbreaking is great because you get to tweak your iPhone if Apple didn’t  make certain features available.

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