Baseband Chip Replacement Service

UPDATE: If you have an AT&T iPhone, unlock it permanently using this.

Did you accidentally update to the latest iOS and now stuck on baseband 5.14.02, 5.15.04, 5.16.02, 5.16.05 or even 6.15.00?

We offer a solution by replacing the Intel/Numonyx/Spansion NOR baseband chip. This will also solve the GPS issue you’ve been having.

If you have an iPhone 4 stuck on baseband 4.11.08, we provide similar solution here as well. Click here to learn more.

What’s the Cost?

  • Baseband NOR chip: pre-programmed with baseband 5.13.04 or lower that can be unlocked with ultrasn0w USD68.00 58.00 (Spring 2012 Promo!)
  • Labor: USD23.00
  • Express Shipping: USD25.00 to Australia, NZ, North America and Western European destinations.
  • Standard Shipping: USD8.00 to any destination (trackable online via

Do you have the knowledge and skills to replace the baseband chip yourself?

Buy a pre-programmed chip from our online store! See photos of the basic steps here.

What is the Process?

  1. Purchase this service.
  2. Take apart your iPhone (will void the warranty) and remove the logic board. Need help? See here.
  3. Fill out this shipping form and ship it together with your logic board. (Note: Please only use shipping that can be tracked online)
  4. We receive the logic board and replace the baseband chip (typical turnaround time 7-10 business days).
  5. Fully test the logic board, GPS, unlock with ultrasn0w and additional stress test.
  6. Notify you the work is complete and prepare for shipment.
  7. Ship your logic board and provide you with consignment or tracking number.
  8. You receive the logic board and reassemble it back to enjoy a fully working GPS and a valuable baseband that can be unlocked with ultrasn0w. Increased resale value!

We have fixed hundreds of logic boards originating from Australia, Germany, UK, Italy, USA, Russia, Canada, Malaysia etc. We are the only iPhone repair business on the web that provides this service!

Read Our Testimonials


Reviewed by a customer on Facebook group after we replaced his iPhone 3GS baseband chip (6.15.00) via mail-in service from Italy.


Very pleased with Joe’s service. We communicated extensively… enough so that I felt I was starting to be a bother, but he was always courteous and forthcoming. The service I used was the one where he replaces the chip that had the iPad baseband on it, for my 3GS, with one that has an earlier, unlockable baseband. The phone was returned to me working perfectly, and this baseband downgrade allows my GPS to work, which was broken with the iPad 6.15 bb in place. All my data and apps were still in placed, too. Just turned it on, and started using it, when it came back. Bravo! — Michael H, US-based client (via mail-in service)


“Extremely professional, perfect service!” — Alain D, French expat in Tamil Nadu, India (via mail-in service)


“Beijing iPhone Repair fixed my ongoing problem with the baseband. I wasn’t able to make any calls or to connect via WiFi, now it’s working again. Thanks!” — Philip H, German expat in Shanghai, China


“Thank you for your work and for your support. I was a bit worried at the beginning, but as you said I have an unlocked baseband and the GPS works perfectly. Your work worth every cent!” — Miguel A, Australian-based client (via mail-in service)


“I just received the board and installed, my iPhone 3GS is up and running again! Thank you very much for your service.” — Tony K, US-based client (via mail-in service)


More testimonials here…

Shouldn’t you be using your iPhone instead of just waiting for the ultrasn0w unlock (that will never come)? The solution is right here, right now.

Purchase this service now!


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