iPhone 5C Volume, Sleep/Wake and Silent Buttons Leaked Photos

It’s less than a month from the planned September 10 new iPhone launch, and leaked photos of the new iPhone is becoming more intense – this time it’s the iPhone 5C.

Leaked photos are common before any major launch by Apple. Whether Apple likes it or not, there’s always someone out there who has access to various iPhone parts who will leak the photos onto the web.

The rumor of Apple launching a “lower cost” iPhone has been going around since last year. That didn’t happen during the launch of iPhone 5, but it seems it may happen during the Apple event in Fall of 2013, which is going to happen on September 10. The lower cost iPhone may be called iPhone 5C, and the letter C may coincide with the word “Color” – given that they will make this new smartphone in bright and multiple colors.

The leaked photos above show the volume control button, sleep/wake button and the silent/mute button. It’s quite evident that they won’t be any major design change. Apple will continue the path of familiarity. Will it disappoint people? Very likely. However, for most Apple fans, every product launch means they will rejoice and most of them will definitely get their hands on this new gadget.

I’m sure we’ll get more leaked photos over the next few weeks because those who have access to these iPhone parts, will always be eager to share it with the world before Apple’s planned date.

Free iPhone IMEI Network Checker is Back Online! Check Yours Now!

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Could Be The New Budget iPhone Called iPhone 5C for “Color”?

Here we go again… the rumors about the next generation iPhone. If this is true, the new “budget” iPhone will be called the iPhone 5C.

Summer is usually the time when iPhone rumors start to fly around. During the past few weeks, you and I have been hearing and reading about the planned budget iPhone from Apple.

The budget iPhone is rumored to come in bright colors, probably similar to the colors of current generation of iPod touch. If the rumor is true, this will be the first time ever that the iPhone will come in other colors beside the monotone colors e.g. slate/black/white. Therefore, based on the leaked photo above, could the letter “C” stand for Colors?

No other smartphone manufacturers have gone down this route before, so, Apple, trying to be ahead of the game is making a risky decision by producing iPhones in multiple colors. Historically, Apple has always been successful when launching products in an untapped market before. This could be another one, and only time will tell.

Let’s just hope that the new iPhone won’t look too “cheap” considering they’re going to be a budget phone.

via MacRumors

Semi-Restore: One Click iPhone Restore without iTunes to Keep Untethered Jailbreak on iOS 6.1.x

After last week’s iOS 7 beta release by Apple, the iDevice  scene is happening once again with the launch of Semi-Restore.

Semi-Restore is one of the most exciting iPhone jailbreaking tools already made available for free to public. If you’re a seasoned iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user, this is the exact tool that you’ve been hoping for.

It’s not actually a jailbreaking tool but rather it helps you restore your iPhone without wiping your jailbreak. In other words, this program will restore your iPhone or any iDevice without actually using iTunes while keeping all iOS system files intact.

This tool is extremely useful for newer devices such as iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 as currently there’s no method of restoring it and stay on the same iOS version. You are left with no choice but to update to the latest version. This is how Apple wants it to be. No jailbreaking for you.

Installing the latest iOS means you will lose your jailbreak and there’s no way to jailbreak it until the next available jailbreak becomes available, and that’s usually take a long time.

With the weekend release of Semi-Restore, you can do all these just by one click. You won’t have to rely on iTunes and it will clean up your device and restore it to its original factory settings while keeping your untethered jailbreak.

This tool supports any iDevice currently running on iOS 5 and up to iOS 6.1.2. Both Windows and Mac versions are readily available for download (links at the bottom of this post).

Here are some important notes before attempting to use Semi-Restore:

  • Semi-Restore is built for Windows XP SP3 or higher, OS X 10.6 or higher, and Ubuntu 12.10 or higher (or the equivalent Linux).
  • There are other alternatives to fix your jailbroken device such as uninstalling Mobile Substrate from Cydia.
  • Backup, backup, backup! Need I say more?!
  • While using Semi-Restore, don’t do anything else on your computer especially if it involves iTunes or XCode.
  • If your device has corrupted systems files, it will not fix the problem. It will conflict with Siri Ports, Spire etc.
  • Don’t panic if your device reboots or resprings during the process. This is completely normal. Sit tight and let it do its own thing.

A big thanks to the developer @CoolStar for making this tool available to the masses. A lot of folks have had the opportunity to test it during development so kudos to these guys as well.

Download link on the official website of Semi-Restore.

How to Open or Extract iOS 7 Beta IPSW from DMG Firmware File on Windows

If you run Windows and can’t restore iOS 7 beta with DMG file you downloaded, try this easy fix.

Wow, although iOS 7 isn’t officially released, there are already thousands of people (excluding developers) testing the iOS 7 beta.

If you have a PC, you may bump into a problem when trying to restore or install iOS 7 after downloading the iOS 7 beta firmware and registering your UDID.

DMG files are native on Mac OS. These archived or zipped files are commonly used to hold OS X programs. Opening DMG files on a Mac system is easy: just double click the file to mount it and that will reveal its contents.

However, on Windows, users cannot open DMG files by default. If you need to restore an iOS 7 Beta file, you need to extract the .IPSW file contained within the DMG file.

How to Extract iOS 7 beta IPSW from DMG File

  1. Download and install 7-Zip which is a free open source program for Windows capable of opening almost any archived file including DMG files.
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Just 4 steps to get you going! You still can test drive iOS 7 if you haven’t done so by registering your device’s UDID.

I’m certainly looking forward to the official release of iOS 7 this fall!