AirShoppr: The Mobile App that Helps You Earn Money While Travelling

Earn money while you travel around the world. Sounds like a dream? Well, AirShoppr app will make this a reality. Find out how you can make money here.

As the world is getting globalized, there are more and more people travelling around the world. Budget airlines are everywhere which make traveling so affordable compared to a few decades ago.

Meanwhile, a new tech startup called AirShoppr will help you earn money while you travel. How is this even possible?

They’re currently developing a mobile app that connects shoppers to travellers around the world. Essentially, any shopper from around the world can post a request for the item he or she wants from a particular country. A traveller who’s interested to help the buyer and is planning to travel to the buyer’s country can offer help. Travellers earn money through the tips given by the shopper.

The sample scenarios below explain how AirShoppr mobile app works:

Scenario 1

Julie who lives in Hanoi, Vietnam, wanted to buy a Starbucks city mug from Bangkok to add to her collection. Since the particular mug can only be found at Starbucks in Bangkok and it’s not sold online, she posted a request on AirShoppr mobile app. The mug costs US$20 but she’s willing to pay US$35 for it.

Kevin who is currently in Bangkok had installed this app on his smartphone before his trip to Thailand. He launched the app and saw Julie’s request. His hotel was just next to Starbucks and he was willing to help Julie get the mug. He accepted Julie’s request. Julie completes the payment and the AirShoppr app holds the payment while notifying Kevin that he can now buy the mug for Julie.

Kevin went to Starbucks and bought the mug. The next day, Kevin flew to Hanoi and informed Julie to meet at the airport. Upon meeting, Kevin handed the mug to Julie and then she marked on the app that she has received the item she requested for. Kevin received the payment including the additional tips Julie offered.

Scenario 2

Martin is an expat from Uruguay who works and resides in London. He loves to drink a type of tea (mate) which is only sold in South America. George, who also lives in London is in Uruguay right now for a business trip.

While George was there, he launched the app and saw Martin’s and a few other South Americans based in London requesting for the same type of tea. They were all willing to pay $50 for the tea which is sold for $20 at a local supermarket in Uruguay. George accepted all requests, purchased the tea and brought them back to London. He earned almost $100 by helping them.

In short, AppShoppr is a great app for shoppers and travellers because:

  • You can purchase almost anything locally or internationally
  • No international shipping
  • Fast delivery
  • Personalised shopping experience
  • Travellers can make money while travelling simply by helping people buy things

Currently the app is still in development stage but due for release soon.

Sign up as a traveller to earn extra income or as a buyer here to make your global shopping super easy and convenient!  Visit their website here or get updates from their Facebook page.

Free iPhone Lock Unlocked Status Checker

Use this free iPhone lock or unlocked status checker here! Only iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G are supported.

Using this free checker is simple, simply enter your 15-digit IMEI, and click CHECK. Your IMEI can be found under Settings, General, About in your iPhone.

Please note that only older models of iPhones are supported. If you enter the IMEI for newer models, the status will return as unknown although possibly you might get other details shown such as purchase date etc. The model number and capacity is also returned as shown above.

This checker is also a good way of telling whether you’re buying a real or fake iPhone.

Go ahead and try the free lock/unlock status checker below:

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Click here now to check detailed carrier information

Click here to check another iPhone

FireChat for iOS 7 Can Send Messages without Cellular or Internet Coverage

Yes, what you read is right. You can chat with people around you without the need to have cell or internet connection. Find out more here.

This is probably the best available app for chatting that can be used “off the grid” as stated above. Imagine yourself in a post Zombie apocalypse, don’t you think this is a must have app when cellular services are no longer working? Well, of course you will have problems charging your iPhone but that can be solved with a solar charger.

The technology behind this is what Apple calls it Multipeer Connectivity Framework which is available only in iOS 7. That means if you still haven’t updated to iOS 7, maybe this app would entice you to do so.

This amazing app is developed by a company called Open Garden Inc based in California. Here’s the executive summary of the app as described on iTunes website:

 Now you can chat with people around you – even if there is no Internet connection or mobile phone coverage. It just works and it’s free.

Whether you’re on the beach or in the subway, at a big game or a trade show, camping in the wild or at a concert, or even abroad, simply fire up the app with a friend or two and find out who else is there.

Get FireChat now and be ready for the next Burning Man, Wanderlust, SXSW, Super Bowl… or create your own community anywhere and start bringing people together.

The following are some of the features of Firechat:

• Instantly message anyone around you on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch,
• Chat and share photos with one person or with a group,
• See what people are talking about everywhere, or create conversations that only people near you can join,
• Works even without any Internet connection or any type of mobile coverage
• “Nearby chat” works best within 30 feet (10 meters) of your location
• Easy: no Facebook or email login, no password to remember,
• Use it at home or when traveling anywhere in the world,
• No significant impact on battery consumption,
• FireChat is designed for iOS 7.

Since it’s free, why don’t you download it right now? Who knows what might happen tomorrow…

Play Nintendo NES Super Mario Bros Online on iPhone Safari Browser without Jailbreaking

The classic Nintendo’s Entertainment System (NES) games will never go out of style no matter how old it gets. Now you can play it on your iPhone without having to jailbreak your iPhone.


There are two default games available for playing without having to download or load anything – Croom and Tetris. So if you need to play other games such as Super Mario you will need to have a valid ROM file first.

Do you need to download a Super Mario Bros ROM file directly? Like, Tweet or +1 below to reveal a direct download link:

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The online console integrates nicely with DropBox, so all you need is to have a ROM file uploaded to your DropBox first. The details steps are outlined below:

1. If you only want to try it out go ahead and launch the following website on your Safari browser:

2. If you have other ROM files available, you can go to your DropBox, and upload the ROM file.

3. Once you have uploaded the file, launch the web link as shown in Step (1).

4. Click the ‘+’ sign and it will launch a new browser that takes you to your DropBox. Login to your account and point the ROM file.

5. It will take you back to the Web NES interface, and you can see Super Mario is now available as one of the options to play. Just tap on it to start playing your favorite childhood game!

The experience won’t be as smooth as on a real console and somewhat choppy, but it’s a great eye candy and will definitely add some fun to your device without the need to jailbreak it. All the virtual buttons seem to respond well to your touch.

Since it’s not available on the AppStore, chances are that it will always be available. I’m just hoping that the performance will improve.

Free iPhone IMEI Blacklist Checker for Australia Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Three and Virgin

Use this free tool to check if your iPhone’s blacklist status if it is on Australia’s Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Three, Virgin or Hutchison.

Before purchasing any used iPhone, it’s extremely important that you check whether it’s blacklisted or not. A blacklisted iPhone will make it as good as a glorified iPod as you will have no way of using it because all mobile service providers in your country will block your iPhone’s IMEI from using their network.

If you’re in Australia, make it a habit to check before buying any smartphone.

Simply enter your 15-digit IMEI number and click query. Here are what the results mean:

  • Your IMEI Number is currently unblocked. -> your iPhone is not blocked by any network
  • Your IMEI Number is currently blocked by xxxxx (network name) on Dec 1, 2012 -> your iPhone is blocked by the stated carrier on that particular date. Note that it is also blocked by other carriers in Australia.
Please do note that this checker doesn’t work for non-Australian registered iPhones or smartphones. For example, if you have an AT&T iPhone from USA, entering your 15-digit IMEI will show that your iPhone is unblocked. Technically this is correct and how it should be. In some ways this tool is useful if you’re moving to Australia and need to make sure that your unlocked iPhone can be used there.

Most Australian iPhones can be factory unlocked even if blacklisted, however, once unlocked it cannot be used in Australia because the IMEI is barred on all network. The iPhone can still be used overseas because usually there’s no record of being blacklisted in other countries.

This checker should work for other smartphone makers too. Do tell your friends about this free checker courtesy of AMTA Australia.

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