iPhone X and iPhone 8 / 8 Plus Can Record 4K 60fps Video

Do you know that the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are the only smartphones in the world which can shoot 4K 60fps video?


After a series of leaks before the announcement of the new iPhone, the new models were finally announced with some new features.

One of them is their capabilities of recording 4K video at 60fps, something that no other smartphones are capable of doing, not even DSLR cameras.

The reason why this is possible is because of the powerful processors that are built with iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Meanwhile, DSLR cameras don’t have as powerful processors because of the amount of heat generated from them. The heat can’t be dissipated properly and will cause issues.

Apple invested a huge amount of money to research and develop their powerful processors which can be used on the new iPhone X and iPhone 8.

So if you ever need to shoot a 4K video at 60fps, only the new iPhones will allow you to do it.

This is What Caused Apple to Remove the iCloud Activation Lock Checker

Can’t check any device iCloud Activation Lock status on iCloud.com anymore? This is probably the reason why.

A few years ago, Apple made the iCloud Activation Lock Checker available for public to use to check whether a device has its iCloud lock enabled or disabled.

This is useful to prevent people from buying device that’s lost or stolen, because it needs to be activated once a full restore is performed on the device.

The website provides access to enter serial number or IMEI, and will return a simple status whether iCloud is ON or OFF.

So far, Apple has not provided any real reason why the web page has been taken down but it seems the reason why it was disabled because people were “stealing” iCloud disabled serial number to activate another device.

This is done by re-programming the chip of an iPad with a different serial number. Although it’s a sophisticated process, but hardware experts are able to take advantage of this exploit.

While it helps to reduce abuse, it doesn’t help people who are looking to purchase used devices. Only folks who have access to Apple’s database are able to make a manual check of iCloud activation lock status.

Do you need to check the status Activation Lock status of an iPhone? Find out how to do it here.

iOS 9.3.2 is Coming Soon to Fix iPhone SE Bluetooth Issues

If you’re having issues with Bluetooth with your iPhone SE, you’re not alone. Read more here on how it will be fixed soon.

Owners of the extremely impressive iPhone SE have found iOS 9.3.1 is distorting audio on Bluetooth phone calls to the extent that it is unusable.

There are numerous people using headsets and in-car Bluetooth and the problem is causing them to be furious.

So far, any available troubleshooting method such as restart, reset or restore on iTunes doesn’t seem to fix the problem.

iPhone SE users are venting our their frustrations on the Apple support forum. Analyzing this from another angle, this bug is very serious because many people are dependent on the Bluetooth feature to talk hands-free while driving.

If you’re one of the people affected by the iPhone SE Bluetooth issues, do practice common sense and avoid holding your phone while driving.

According to a thread in the forum, Apple is already testing the iOS 9.3.2 and it’s meant to fix this specific problem. The engineers were able to reproduce the issue on multiple Bluetooth devices.

If all goes well, iOS 9.3.2 is going to be released within the next few weeks.


Apple will Release iOS 9.3.1 Soon to Fix Safari Link Issue

If you’re one of the many users who experienced the Safari link issue on iOS 9.3, fret not, as Apple will release iOS 9.3.1 soon.

It might be a nightmare at Apple this week as iOS 9.3 that was just released less than two weeks ago has a bug that’s causing iOS devices to crash when opening a hyperlink in Safari or other apps.

However, reports show that the bug seems to be affecting the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s only; and for specific apps which were installed. Older devices don’t seem to be suffering by this issue.

Hyperlink issue like this is huge because it will affect how users open web links and make purchases. That’s really something Apple and its vendors can’t afford to lose.

The good news is that Apple has acknowledged this problem and in the middle of preparing the update, which could be iOS 9.3.1, unless Apple makes additional revision to the iOS which could bring the version up to iOS 9.4. There’s no release date mentioned yet though.

Apple doesn’t always acknowledge bugs affecting iOS devices, but if it’s hot on the media, any issue gets fixed pretty fast just like this. Meanwhile, if you’re planning to downgrade from iOS 9.3 to previous iOS version, it may still be possible if the signing window is still opened.

The signing window is basically a time when Apple allows you to downgrade to previous iOS version. If the window is closed, you can’t downgrade anymore. If this is the case, then you’ll have to wait for the next update.

5 Common Hardware Problems with the New iPhone 6s

Before you get the new iPhone 6s, consider reading this first as early buyers have reported a list of hardware problems with the new iPhone 6s.

Just a few weeks after the launch of iPhone 6s, users from around the world have been complaining about the new model’s hardware. Here are the 5 most common problems and possible ways to fix them.

5 Common Hardware Problems with the New iPhone 6s

1. Touch ID Problem #1: Over-sensitive

While the Touch ID or home button is a great way to unlock your iPhone or to purchase apps, users of iPhone 6s are saying that it’s becoming too sensitive that you won’t even have the chance to look at the locked home screen to view notifications.

Unfortunately there’s no fix for this until the updated iOS 9 is out.

2. Touch ID #2: Overheating (Burngate)

Some new users of the iPhone 6s have reported that their home buttons are becoming too hot. There are also instances of the phone shuts down when this happens.

A quick way to “fix” this is to do a software reset by pressing the home button and wake/sleep button simultaneously for about 6-10 seconds. This will reboot the iPhone and it sure work normally after that.

3. Power Problem

New users of iPhone 6s are reporting that their phones are shutting down randomly although there’s still juice left in the battery. There’s no way to fix this until, again, the new iOS 9 is updated.

4. Speakers Distorted / Extra Loud

Problem with iPhone speakers is not very common even in the earlier models. However, people are saying that there’s a noticeable distortion with the iPhone 6s speakers.

Some of the affected devices are having super loud notification sounds. It’s so loud as though causing the speakers to be blown.

This may be related to iOS bug which can fix the problem once there’s a new update from Apple.

5. 3D Touch Bug

This new technology on the new model seems to be quite buggy based on users feedback. For example, Safari doesn’t open web links even using regular tap.

The only possible fix for this is to do the same reset steps as explained in problem 2 above.

Just like any of the previous models, the later batches should improve significantly after the above issues have been addressed by Apple.

Meanwhile, those who are affected will have to wait for the new iOS update or get a replacement phone at their nearest Apple store.