iPhone 7 Grayed-Out Speaker Icon Due to Mainboard Problem

A significantamount of devices are having this issue – iPhone 7 grayed-out speaker icon due to mainboard problem. What’s the available fix?

iPhone 7 Grayed-Out Speaker Icon


Many iPhone repair shops and users around the world have been reporting about a large number of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are affected with the speaker icon that’s grayed-out. Apparently, this has something to do with the mainboard or logic board of the iPhone 7 itself.

Another symptom is the endless boot loop or stuck on Apple logo during boot up as demonstrated in the YouTube video below:

Repair technicians have pointed out that the pads that connects the audio chip U3101 located on the mainboard near the SIM card tray have become loose. This can happen for aged devices or if the iPhone suffered a huge impact such as dropping it to the ground.

The only way to fix this hardware problem is to get the pads re-soldered. This work requires highly specialized tools and skills due to the minute components on the logic board. Any attempt to fix it without using proper tools can permanently damage the phone.

Experts also mentioned that accidentally bending the mainboard can also cause problems if it comes with a Qualcomm chip that lies on the same “fault line” of early batches of iPhone 7. Any potential bending can cause a “No Service” message to appear on the screen. Apple has issued a recall for iPhone 7s with Qualcomm chips early this year.

Another related issue is the microphone icon being grayed-out as well. However, this problem is more connected with the software rather than the hardware. Apple suggested a temporary fix by unpairing all connected Bluetooth headsets.

Most of the iPhone 7s are approaching three years old and more units are expected not to go beyond that. Apple so far hasn’t come up with any possible extended warranty for this problem.

Finally, some users did say that the latest software update somehow fixed the problem but the possibility is extremely small.

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Difficult to Unlock Blacklisted, Lost or Stolen AT&T iPhone Lately? Here’s Why.

There’s a reason why if you find it very difficult to unlock blacklisted, lost or stolen AT&T iPhone lately and this issue seems to affect many people now.


Those who have purchased a blacklisted AT&T iPhone either knowingly or unknowingly are in for some difficult times ahead.

Firstly, it’s probably appropriate to understand more about the history of unlocking AT&T iPhone.

Back in 2008 when the first iPhone was introduced, it was locked to AT&T. However, no one expected a young hacker who came out of nowhere, hacked the iPhone by jailbreaking it and unlocked it for use on another carrier.

That took Apple by surprise.

Each new model was jailbroken and hacked by hackers until the iPhone 4. Since then, it became very hard for the iPhone to be hacked and unlocked using software method.

In 2012, a new method of unlocking the AT&T iPhone directly on the AT&T database was made available.

It was the easiest way to unlock any AT&T iPhone but when it was first available in 2012, the price tag was over $200.

At the end of the same year, a source which we can’t mention here found a cheaper way to do it and thousands of AT&T iPhones were unlocked using that method.

Back then, it didn’t matter what was the iPhone’s status – whether it has unpaid bills or under contract. Everything can be done quickly within a few hours.

The first major challenge happened in 2015 when the main source was “caught” by law enforcement agencies and a lawsuit was created.

According to the document, the source was using the access of previous AT&T employees by implanting a third party software to allow the unlock to be performed.

The credentials or access may have been shared with a few more people around the world because when the US-based source lost the access, the AT&T unlock was still being performed albeit at much slower speed and higher prices.

Over the past few months, unlocking the AT&T iPhone has been more difficult, lengthy and prices would fluctuate crazily just like the stock market.

In most cases, this is happening on blacklisted AT&T iPhone – lost, stolen, fraud etc. If the device is clean e.g. paid bills, out of contract etc it can be unlocked at extremely low cost.

Although it’s still possible to unlock the AT&T despite whatever the status is, please do be prepared for a long wait or higher prices until a new method or access is discovered.

If you’re still considering about getting a US iPhone, we recommend that you get one from T-Mobile, because currently it’s the easiest and fastest to be unlocked.

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These Are The Latest iPhone X Baseband Versions on iOS 11.4

On the recent release of iOS 11.4, the baseband or modem firmware of iPhone X has been updated. These are the latest versions.


Just around two weeks ago, the iOS 11.4 was released and as usual, the modem firmware or baseband software had been updated.

There are two types of modem chips made for the iPhone X.

The MDM9655 baseband hardware now has version 1.93.00 while baseband hardware model PMB9948 has version 1.04.51.

On iOS 11.3, they were on 1.89.00 and 1.04.16 respectively.

The baseband used to be an important aspect of the iPhone during the early days because it indicates whether the hardware can be hacked for unlocking.

Since it’s no longer possible to hack it to unlock the iPhone, only an official unlocking method is available.

For the curious minds, the modem firmware versions of older models and iOS can be found on this website.

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Official IMEI Factory iPhone Unlock for GCI USA Now Available

If you just purchased an iPhone locked to GCI USA but can’t unlock it, we can now provide permanent unlock service for your iPhone on Apple’s database.

Official IMEI Factory iPhone Unlock for GCI

General Communication Inc. (GCI) is a telecommunications corporation operating in Alaska, USA and it’s now officially joined the iPhone band wagon since the iPhone 4 was first released.

US consumers now have more choices to go for which network instead of just AT&T to get a “subsidized” iPhone.

That’s really good for consumers, though.

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So if you just got yourself an iPhone from GCI USA, using the service we’re offering will allow you to use any SIM card worldwide.

GCI USA iPhones, just like AT&T iPhones are locked if they are sold with contract.

This is the only permanent unlock solution for Apple iPhone as your IMEI is registered as ‘unlocked’ on Apple’s database.

  • Simply connect to iTunes to have your iPhone officially unlocked by Apple forever.
  • Extremely easy and no technical knowledge required.
  • Legal and no jailbreaking needed.
  • Update to the latest iOS and beyond freely without having to worry about your baseband being updated.
  • Unlocks all currently available and future basebands.

However, at this stage only non-blacklisted device is supported. That means it’s not blocked by the network.

How does it work?

1. Submit your IMEI number from your iPhone in the order page (get this 15 digit number by going to Settings > General > About on your iPhone).

2. We will send you an email once it is ready to be officially unlocked (typically 5-7 days in most cases and up to 15 business days)

3. Install the latest version of iTunes and backup your iPhone.

4. Restore to the latest iOS version by clicking restore or update.

5. Once restore is complete, disconnect iPhone and reconnect it after 10 seconds.

6. Now insert a different carrier SIM card (not your GCI carrier SIM card).

7. Wait until iTunes detects your iPhone. iTunes will then display:

Congratulations, your iPhone has been unlocked.

There’s really no way to hack the GCI iPhone at the moment so officially unlocking it is the way to go.

If you bought this used, please check here whether it’s blacklisted or not because only non-blacklisted GCI USA iPhone can be unlocked.

Unlock your GCI USA iPhone here.

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10 Common Issues Faced by iPhone X Users Right Now

Are you planning to get the iPhone X soon? Find out what are the common issues faced by the first batch of users now.


The new iPhone X is beautiful and many people have gotten this latest iPhone by Apple.

However, just like any first batch of new models, there are several issues faced by the users.

The issue related may be related to hardware or software which have been raised on Apple’s community support page.

Here are the 10 most common issues faced by iPhone X users:

1. Yellow Screen on iPhone X

The user mentioned:

Your iPhone screen is Yellow (Without True Tone, nightshift is off, no low power power , no color accafomation is on) my question is simple , Why we got a defect device? Because if re-calibrate that in the Display acadomantion it looks fine but still please check if there is a bug and recalibrate all the devices next software update at the picture two devices(left one is defect). Please let us know if it’s software issue.

2. iPhone X Ringer Problem

The user stated:

I recently bought a new iPhone X and has been great until this ringer problem. Every now and then the ringer will turn on and off repeatedly and on its own. And sometimes the ringer will stay on and won’t switch back off. The switch will be on silent and it will repeatedly go on and off on its own without the switch moving. Does anybody else have this issue or know of a fix?

3. iPhone X Green Line on Screen

The user complained:

Day one and a bright green line has appeared down the right side of the iPhone X.


Anyone else having this issue?

4. iPhone X Low Light Photos Blurry

This user stated:

Trying to determine if my iPhone X has a bug or hardware issue.

Issue is that most of my indoor/low light photos are blurry due to the iPhone rarely firing the flash and choosing very slow (long) shutter speeds, typically 1/4, 1/7, and 1/8th second, which are typically too slow for handheld photography, even with image stabilization.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Took lots of pics at a party the other night and over 80% were blurry. Not cool.

5. iPhone X WiFi will Not Enable

The user described:

I had Wi-Fi enabled and then about an hour later I noticed that the Wi-Fi is off.  I go into setting/wifi and wifi is disabled.  It will not re-enable unless I restart iPhone and then the same thing happens again after about an hour.

6. iPhone X Blurry Photos

The issue was mentioned by the user:

I recently bought the iPhone X and Google Pixel 2.

When I take images, they’re always blurry on the iPhone X.

I’ve attached two examples, notice the clarity in the images (iPhone X on left, Pixel 2 on right).

Mickey- notice the clarity in he dots on mickey’s uniform? Iphone they’re blurry..

On the person image, notice how the clarity again is much less on iPhone.

Do I have a defective unit?  I’m really unhappy with the clarity.

7. iPhone X Touchscreen Issue

The user described in detail:

My new 256GB T-Mobile Spay Gray iPhone X has a non responsive touch screen. After initial boot up, I could not swipe up to begin setup.  After numerous resets using volume up, volume down and then holding side button, I was able to use touch screen and start setup process. I then had numerous issues during setup (slowness, iCloud backup restore failure, freezing).  Did an erase and reset up via Reset in Preferences > General and everything  seemed to start working normally.  After about 6 hours, the touch screen stopped working again.  Have not been able to use phone again even after a erase and restore in iTunes.

Anyone else having touch screen issues or is mine a one off lemon?

8. iPhone X Top Speaker Distortion

The user explained:

Hi, my iPhone X is a few days old. The sound from the top earpiece speaker has a crackle. Happens on all music, apps, or videos.   Problem seems to go away when I plug headphones into it or use Bluetooth speakers. Any advice? Anyone else got the same issue?

9. iPhone X with Different Hue / True Tone

The issue described by the user:

I have been struggling hard to keep the best iPhone X and so far two iPhone Xs I got have different hue or you can call it different True Tone when turned on. So I will need help in deciding which one is more accurate, correct or closer to intended tone? Any ideas, information or insights will be highly appreciated. I was in fact thinking to buy another one to further inspect. I also compared with the ones at the Apple store and they all have different variations.

Please note that both phones have identical setting and nothing is turned on in Accessibility settings.

10. iPhone X Screen Render Issue

The user highlighted the issue with video shot:

Did anyone encounter this display technical render issue? iPhone X display Issue – YouTube

These were the 10 issues recently highlighted on the Apple website.

No one knows for sure yet whether they are isolated issues or some batches are affected.

Which issue do you have and did you manage to get it fixed?

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