Amazon Kindle Repair in Beijing?

Amazon Kindle

Anyone who loves to read adores the electronic device called Kindle. Kindle was introduced in November 2007 by as a wireless device used to download and read magazines and books. The popularity was incredible and continued to grow as the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX were introduced. As with any electronic, there are times when something might go wrong and you find yourself in need of a Kindle screen repair service. The most common repair issues for the Kindle 2 and Kindle DX are frozen or broken screens.

If your screen shows cracks, solid grey or patches of dark spots, a Kindle screen repair service can have your unit fixed in no time. Many believe the problem is caused by applying too much pressure on the screen or accidentally putting things on top of it in heavy bags. Occasionally a screen will stop working all together. But usually it happens gradually with missing titles, hazy words or miscellaneous items missing from the screen. Imagine opening a book without a title or chapters without numbers. Those are examples of errors that would indicate your screen is encountering problems. When you send your unit in for repair the screen will be replaced with a new part. When it is returned to you it will feel like you have a brand new Kindle.

Sometimes people try to cut corners and attempt to repair their Kindle themselves. In fact, there are sites online that show you how to take a Kindle apart and attempt to repair it. But that is strongly discouraged. Kindle screen repair requires a certified technician that specializes in electronic repairs, like us. We offer warranties and will diagnose your problem to make sure the screen is the only issue. With a device as valuable as a Kindle you need a reputable repair service to guarantee that your unit is returned to you in excellent condition.

Your Kindle screen repair technicians will diagnose your Kindle, troubleshoot the problem and quickly send you a report with the results and a repair quote. The quote will be the best price in the US. Once you accept the quote your Kindle will be repaired within 24 hours and returned to you. As much as you love your Kindle you won’t want to be without it a moment longer than necessary!

You will be glad to know that Kindle repair service is now available in Beijing and around China – brought to you by

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What is Beijing iPhone Repair

From: iPhone Repair Specialist
To: Every Frustrated iPhone user with a broken screen, case, water damage, antenna, software problem, or anything else in China.

Dear Fellow iPhone Lover,

It’s not your fault that your iPhone broke, and now you’re in desperate need of top notch iPhone repair… It happens to the best of us.

I know how you feel, I used to feel the same way. My entire team and I have had iPhones from the first day they were sold. (Yes, we were some of the “Geeks” standing in line all day to get our hands on the the goods before anyone else.) Then, when the iPhone 3G came out, we got that one on the first day too! I was in Gadget Heaven for quite a long time, but then one day something happened to my precious iPhone ….I dropped it!

“I needed my iPhone fixed immediately, then I find out that Apple wanted $399 just to fix my screen!”

Now I felt hurt, like you’re probably feeling right now. I had already spent FULL PRICE on two iPhones and now Apple wants me to pay them $399 MORE?! I could have just bought a new phone for that much!

I felt betrayed and angry…so I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn absolutely EVERYTHING there is to know about iPhone repair, inside and out. Which is exactly what I did.

In fact I got so good at it my friends and family started asking me to fix their iPhones for them…

Then all of a sudden we were doing so much iPhone repair that we decided to put up this website, and the rest is history…

“Now Let Me Ask You a Question …”

Do you really want to pay Apple anywhere from $200 to $400 to fix your iPhone, when you KNOW there’s a better way?

We can fix your iPhone, no matter what the problem is. Our turn around time is less than a week and we pay return shipping. When you have a broken iPhone, please remember that we provide the best iPhone repair service in Beijing and around China.

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Lenovo rolls out iPad rival

Lenovo has released a tablet computer based on Google’s Android operating system, named as the LePad, for the time being.

Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid concept device

Aimed for a schedule release by the end of the year this device might fiddle with Apple’s aim of plunging in Chinese market.

The Chinese company has already released its own smartphone to compete with Apple’s iPhone in the domestic market.

Lenovo adds that it has employed Android operating system in order to help easily synchronise with the earlier LePhone devices. Android has been considered to be a choice that comes along with many of the mobile phone and tablet makers, all accredited to its open source nature and broad developer community.

Lenovo representative Wu Hua stated: “We want the tablet PC to be compatible with our LePhone smartphone, which is why we’re using Android.” He added that this product offering is not yet been confirmed of its release date and also is supposedly to be renamed.


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India unveils new, US$30 iPad-like laptop

Indian Minister for Human Resource Development Kapil Sibal unveils a new prototype laptop that will initially cost US$30 in New Delhi on July 22, 2010. Photograph by: STRDEL, AFP/Getty Images

India has unveiled a prototype of a US$35 basic touch-screen tablet, with a price tag 1/14th that of an iPad, the Associated Press (AP) is reporting.

India is hoping to bring the knock-off iPad into production by 2011, with the aim of putting it into the hands of students. Described as a dream project by the education minister, the low cost laptop will be available to children from the primary to university level.

Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal said a manufacturer is being sought for the tablet, which was developed by India’s top IT colleges, according to the AP.

The gadget, which runs the Linux operating system, is expected to be introduced to higher education institutions next year.

The government’s plan is to drop the price eventually to $20, and ultimately to $10, according to the BBC. The project is part of a government initiative which also aims to extend broadband to all of India’s 25,000 colleges and 500 universities.

India isn’t the first to work on creating cheap hardware for students in the developing world: In May, Nicholas Negroponte of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) announced plans to develop a basic tablet computer for $99 through his non-profit association, One Laptop per Child.


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Launch Of White Apple iPhone 4 Delayed

Computer and Electronics’s giant, Apple Inc., has delayed the launch of the white iPhone 4 for the second time. Manufacturing problems have reportedly forced the company to take such a step. The Wall Street Journal, states that Apple officials have say that the manufacturing of the gadget has become more challenging than it was expected.

Apple has not disclosed the problems which the company is facing during the manufacturing of the gadget. The White iPhone 4 was due to be released at the same time as the black version – on the 24th of June this year.

But the iPhone 4 itself is under a cloud of problems, as it has been facing difficulties with the reception. The company says that there is a problem in the antenna of the phone. Apple earlier this week had announced, that it would be distributing free cases of the iPhone 4 to its customers who purchase the iPhone before 30th September 2010.


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