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  1. I live in Central America and wanted to buy an Iphone.Our carrier here uses sim cards. I can only use the iphone with the baseband 4.10.08 ( or so i have been told.) Does anyone know where i can get one? All i can find are the latest which is 4.11.08.. Please help!!
    Why is it so much easier to get a 3gs here and not the iphone 4. Apple would make so much more money if it sold its appliances in other countries. Just a suggestion. anyone with answers please help!


    I have put my i phone to charge and went to bed then after i awoke and went near phone my phone wasn't worked no power on and later only i got to know my phones damaged in thunder while it was charging please may i know whether can i repair my i phone or not? how to repair this please tell me

    i fervently hope that you would reply me fine

  3. Also if the imei was blocked from my network would a gevey sim unlock it for me? And would you be able to tell me the original carrier the generic imei was for or make it a lower baseband that can be unlocked with ultrasn0w?

  4. My iPhone 4 with baseband 4.11.08, I think, and iOS 5.1.1 was remotely disabled by Apple two days ago when they sent alert for me to reactivate the phone in order to make or receive calls. It went into emergency mode. To fix it, I used redsn0w to jailbreak it and installed Cydia. The phone then opened up but remains with 'no service' and wifi/bluetooth inactive. The settings showed '—' for Wifi address, 000000000 for Bluetooth and N/A for Modem firmware. It failed to recognise when a SIM card is inserted or removed as it continues to show 'no service' instead of 'no sim'. I deactivated the redsn0w jailbreak only to go back to emergency mode. What can I do? Is the baseband damaged?

  5. how can i find out what carrier iam with on my iphone4.. thanks ps phone bought off ebay and i have tryed all australian carriers.

  6. Hi , i just made payment to you all via pay pal . i choose super fast, so how fast can i get to unlock my Iphone 4 ???
    1 more thing .. when you all unlock its it permanent unlock or when i update to new IOS it will be (RELOCK) ???
    i totally not an expert in Iphone 4 ,do you all send instruction to do it also ????

  7. AT&T USA iPhone 5, unlocked using imei service (checked imei using free services and it shows unlocked).
    Still then and even after restore it asks SSN and billing zip code of owner.
    Tried using owner's AT&T sim (which came with the phone), another AT&T sim, other carrier sim, but does not help.
    What can be done?

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