How to Fix Blacklisted iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or iPhone XR

It’s just a few weeks after the new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR were released but some have purchased them with blacklisted status. Here’s what you need to do.


 The New iPhone XS, XS Max or XR

Apple has got famous with the introduction of ‘’iDevices’’ 2018 models. The Apple’s devices are among the most desired flagship phone models today. iPhone models are becoming bigger and smarter year after year. They are improving their models to catch up with the growing technology and the smartphone trends out there.

Apple announced their latest three models at their September keynote event. The models includes iPhone XS, XS Max and an iPhone XR. The iPhone XS and XS Max are available for pre-order and the shipping is scheduled to start on 21st September. The iPhone XR is scheduled for reorder on 19th October with Shipping starting on 26th of the same month.

Buying any of the 2018 models will cost you a fortune and hence you can never think of losing it any time. However, with the increasing trend of theft and unclear contract plans, there’s likelihood that this devices will flock the market both new and in second hand soon. If you are not careful, you may end up buying a blacklisted Apple iPhone. For this reason, you need to know how to fix or even deal with an iPhone with a blacklisted IMEI.

What is an IMEI number?

There are many iPhone owners who don’t even know what an IMEI number is or even understand how it can help you in case the device is lost or stolen. An IMEI number stands for ‘’International Mobile Equipment Identity number.

It is unique in every mobile device and hence it is used to identify any individual device independently. It is a 14-16 digits number that serves the same purpose with an ESN number but for the Mobile devices. The IMEI number also serves a security purpose.

What this mean is that an iPhone cannot be used with a different SIM Card unless you pay a visit to the Apple Store or where the iPhone device was purchased.

How to get an IMEI number

There are several ways through which you can get the IMEI number. Every device has its own unique IMEI number on the back cover or even on the original box. Some of them display it on the writings on the battery. However, the simplest way to get the IMEI number is to dial *#06# on the dial pad. A 14-16 long number will be displayed on the screen. That is the IMEI number.

What exactly is a Blacklisted iPhone?

Apple Company created iPhone Blacklist Status which I usually think was imperative to deal with iPhone thefts. Once the iPhone is reported to the carrier for any bleach of the TOS or even if stolen or lost, that specific carrier will get the IMEI and block it for usage.

There are several reasons why an iPhone can be blacklisted. One of them is if the initial owner has pending bills which extends beyond the contract. The other reason is if the phone is reported to the carrier as either lost or stolen. If the iPhone is used in any dubious or illegal activities, it may as well be blacklisted.

How do the carriers in the US and the UK blacklist?

Majority of the countries in the World have their own Blacklist. For this reason, they take all the claims and complaints and as soon as the iPhone is reported as Lost, stolen or even when the original owner fails to honor all the dues, there’s an insurance claim that the iPhone is involved in a Fraud or any other illegal activities or when there’s pending bills, the iPhone is blacklisted immediately. The iPhone will enter the country’s blacklist and consequently difficult to use it with the carriers in that specific country. It may as well be difficult to use it with other carriers in the world.

How to check the IMEI status of an iPhone

If you want to buy a second hand iDevices you must be extra careful. You need to ensure that you check the blacklist status of the second hand device and ensure that it is clean before you purchase. However, there are some instances when you buy a second hand iPhone online where you cannot touch or even check for the blacklist status before it is delivered.

In this case, you need to check the status on delivery and act accordingly. If there is no way to return the iPhone for a refund, then invest in a very reliable blacklist unlock service.

The first thing in checking the blacklist status is to get the IMEI Number of your phone. Dial *#06# on the dial pad and the IMEI Numbers will be displayed on the screen. Send the IMEI number to us and we will check the status of your iPhone XS models in less than a day.

So is there a Blacklisted iPhone XS, XS Max or iPhone XR Fix?

This is one of the questions that we usually get here. Once someone realizes that their iPhone is blacklisted, the first thing that cross their mind is how to fix it. For the question above, the answer is yes, there is a way you can fix a blacklisted iPhone and start using it again.

Those people who buy iPhone devices on the street or from some of the online marketplaces such as eBay or Craigslist usually notice too late that their iPhone are blacklisted. One thing that you should bear in mind is that blacklisted iPhone devices cannot be used with other SIM Cards. This means that if you do not take appropriate measures, you will just be here with an iPod touch.

If you bought an iPhone device on the street or online and it turned up to be blacklisted, do not worry because we have a solution for you. I know the experience is heart breaking but happily, there are ways to unlock a blacklisted iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR.

Ways to unlock the Blacklisted iPhone device

Majority of the people think that they can unlock the device on their own but the reality of the matter is that there’s no way to do that. The Blacklist status can only be removed through a verified IMEI unlock service.

Use the Unlock Blacklisted iPhone Service

This is one of the best methods of getting your iPhone in use. This service supports all iPhone models and all iOS Versions. For this reason, you can get help with your new iPhone XS, XS Max and XR.  However, you should bear in mind that this service will not remove the blacklist status. Its only the carrier in collaboration with the Original owner that can remove the Blacklisted status. However, you can be able to use the device to mobile networks that are outside the country where it was locked.

In order to complete the Order of Unlock blacklisted iPhone service, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Get the Device’s IMEI number by dialing *#06#
  • Go to the Official site and request a unlock Blacklisted iPhone service.
  • Make your payments with PayPal. PayPal is the safest method of making International Payments and hence that’s the reason why this service supports it as the payment mode. You will be allowed to wait for some time for the whole process to be finalized. You can Order here to get your Blacklisted Device fixed remotely. The process of fixing the iPhone is safe and will not void the warranty. The other thing you should note with this service is that there’s no need to ship your device.

How to check if the iPhone XS, XS Max OR XR is Unblocked

There are several things that you can do and verify that your iPhone device is unlocked. After you choose your plan, you are usually assigned a specific time plan. For this reason, you need to verify that the iPhone is unblocked after the time has expired. The easiest way to do so is to insert a new SIM card. Remember we had already stated that a Blacklisted iPhone device will not show any signals?

Now after the device has been unblocked it will be ready for use. I mean that it will detect a SIM card and show ‘’signal on’’ status. It will be able to make calls and receive SMS and Notifications. However, remember we said that this service doesn’t remove the blacklisting status? Well, for this reason you need to ensure that the SIM card you insert is from a different carrier.

If you insert a SIM card from another carrier you are likely to get a notification that the ‘’the iPhone has a SIM card from a different carrier’’. Make a call and if it goes through, ten your iPhone XS, XS Max or XR is unblocked and ready for use.

Which Networks can I use after the device is unblocked?

After the device has been unblocked, you will have an opportunity to use other networks apart from the one in the specific country where the device was blacklisted. If the New iPhone XS, XS Max or the XR is Blacklisted in the UK, then you can request for it to be unblocked and use it in all the other networks outside the UK.

Are there other alternatives?

If you cannot afford to purchase the Blacklisted iPhone Unlock service or if you think that this is the last step you will make, then there are a couple of alternatives that you can choose.

Try and reach the original owner

The first thing that should cross your mind is to try and reach the original owner. If you personally know him or her, then you can reach them for a refund or even ask them to contact the carrier for unblocking. If they can be able to prove that the device belongs to them, then the carrier will not hesitate to unlock the device. It is possible to reach the original owner, then you can save a lot of money.

However, you may find yourself between a hard place and a rock if you bought this device online. Majority of the sellers there are trying to sell stolen or lost iPhone devices and hence it may be difficult to locate and communicate to the original owner.

You can contact the Carrier for Assistance

If you cannot be able to get the original owner easily, the other alternative way to reach him or her is to contact the Carrier for assistance. They are likely to help you get an insight why the device was blacklisted and eventually help you reach the original owner for assistance. You can either contact the owner or have the iPhone returned if it was lost or stolen.

Get the IMEI Cleaned

There are several carriers out there who offer services to clean the ESN.  What this means is that you can ask your carrier for help. On the other hand, there are several companies that offer ESN cleaning services. Both options will cost you but they are worth it.

Sell the iPhone Internationally

If the iPhone is blacklisted in the USA, it can still be used internationally. For this reason, you can sell your iPhone internationally and recover some of the money. It may have value in another country.

Flash it to another carrier

This is a bit tricky but if you are ready to do so, you will soon have a functional iPhone. As long as the other carrier will accept a Blacklisted iPhone, don’t be worried about the costs you will incur. You should also be aware that you may land to a 3G apart from a 4G network.

The Bottom Line

I know it can be tiring and confusing after purchasing a blacklisted iPhone device. Don’t worry so much anymore. Someone out there underwent through the same situation and their problem was solved. There are still a vast collection of solutions available for you.

It’s up to you whether you want to get the iPhone cleaned and sell it to another country, get it unblocked and retain it for use or just ask for a refund. Our online store has got your covered. Now browse our online store to find a solution for your needs.

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25+ Ways to Repurpose Your Bad ESN or Blacklisted iPhone or Android Device

Do you have a blacklisted iPhone that you have no hope of using anymore? Here are some brilliant ways to use it for something else.

Clean T-Mobile Bad ESN

Basic Concepts

Did you mistakenly buy a blacklisted iPhone and you have tried all means to remove it from the blacklist but every move keeps on failing? Worry no more; there are several things that you can do with a blacklisted iPhone to ensure you recover some of the cost.

What majority of people don’t know is that apple cannot change the status of a blacklisted iPhone and hence you better look for other methods to use it rather than holding on so long contacting them. In this brief, am going to give you a list of things that you can do with a blacklisted iPhone.

However, before this, we should understand some of the basics that will help you get an insight on blacklisting and whoever controls it.

What is a blacklisted / bad ESN iPhone?

In simple terms, a blacklisted iPhone is the one that cannot connect and work interactively on the initial carrier because the service is disconnected. The main reason why a phone can get blacklisted is if someone especially the initial owner has reported it as stolen or lost. Carriers in North America and several other countries have collaborated to develop databases to share devices listed as lost or stolen. Previously, buyers couldn’t establish if a phone is blacklisted as a result of theft or any other case, and if it can be fixed. However, now GSM blacklist can give you an insight of what has made that specific phone be blacklisted.

Who controls blacklisting?

One thing that most people don’t know is that it’s not apple that blacklists an iPhone. It’s only the carrier or the wireless service provider that can blacklist the iPhone. The reality of the matter is that apple cannot change the status of a blacklisted iPhone. In fact they have a policy that restricts ownership of blacklisted apple devices.

Mobile carriers have built identity with an IMEI number otherwise known as International Mobile Equipment Identity to help then get clear information when a phone is reported as stolen, lost or if it has been caught dealing with dubious activities.

Why iPhone blacklisting exists

The main reason why blacklisting is in the mind of most carriers in the world is to restrict the use of stolen or lost phone devices. It also restricts the use of mobile devices on activities that do not concur with the state policies. For this reason, the carrier is likely to prevent the use of defaulted phone devices on the same network. What this means is that the main reason why the authorities don’t allow usage of blacklisted iPhones is to reduce device misuse and other miscellaneous activities.

What happens if your phone is blacklisted?

In case you buy a blacklisted iPhone, you are likely to go through long days trying to unlock it or even recovering the money you used to buy it. The good thing is that there are several things that you can do with a blacklisted iPhone. The first thing is to contact the seller and ask for assistance. If the seller is really into helping you, they are likely to help you in the process of unlocking your iPhone.

Maybe the seller is the same person that reported the phone as stolen, lost or maybe he owes the carrier some money and that’s the reason why the phone is blacklisted. However, if you bought the phone on the streets and you cannot be able to get into contact with the buyer, there are several things that you can do with your blacklisted iPhone.

In this brief, we’re going to discuss some of the best things that you can do with your iPhone if you cannot get in touch with the buyer or if you cannot raise a refund.

25+ Ways to Repurpose Your Bad ESN or Blacklisted iPhone or Android Device

a. Use it as an iPod

Blacklisting is a carrier event that can only happen to stolen or a lost iPhone. However, whether a phone is blacklisted or not but is accessible to you, you can use it on whichever way that pleases you. Although it will not be accessible to the cell service, it can be used as an iPhone. Blacklisting doesn’t in any way affect the working of the phone, you cannot connect to the cell service but at least you can use it on other things.

As long as you cannot use a blacklisted iPhone to make calls or to send SMS, you can use it as an iPod or even install as many games as possible. This will ensure that you are fully entertained despite the fact that you cannot connect to family and friends via calls and SMS.

You can as well connect the iPhone to a WI-FI network and use it download movies and songs to keep you entertained. You can listen to the music or even watch the movie while you hung out in the park with friends or even alone.

The other thing that it can serve as a good device if you have kids at home, you can download cartoons and animations for home watching. There’s nothing much you can do with the iPhone trying to connect with friends and relatives but there is a lot you can do with it to get the value of the money used to purchase it.

b. Use it as a Game Console

The same way you can use a blacklisted iPhone as an iPod is the same way you can use it as a game console. The reality of the matter is that a blacklisted iPhone can still accept apps and hence you can install Combat Martial, Running Temple or any other game and enjoy your free time.


Give it to your kids to play some of their favorite games. If there’s no other way of recovering your money, just make it a channel of comfort. That 30 minutes before retiring to bed can be a good time to play Pool master and several other games in your iPhone.

If you still insist on retaining a stolen iPhone, then find uses and ensure that it remains important to you. How many times do you overload your phone device with gamming apps and other apps that don’t let your phone run freely. For this reason, you should off-load the iPhone and ensure that all those other gaming apps are installed on the blacklisted iPhone.

c. Use it for Skype

The reality of the matter is that your new iPhone is only blocked from connecting through call center to send and receive calls. However, you can still use it to connect with loved ones on social media. Just connect your iPhone on WI-FI and link directly to the people you adore via online calls, messaging and video calls.

When the iPhone is blacklisted, not even a single Carrier will allow link through their network. The good thing is that this iPhone can still connect through WI-FI. You are only restricted to make offline calls and send SMS. This doesn’t mean you cannot send messages through Facebook, whatsapp or Skype.

If you use the iPhone with a simcard on 3G/GPRS or 4G network, this iPhone is unlikely to perform. However, if you tether with another iPhone or just connect it to another WI-FI network, it can still work. Connect it to a trusted WI-FI network and connect to your loved ones through Skype, facebook and whatsapp among many other online chatting platforms.

d. As a music player

Your iPhone or an android smartphone is blacklisted and it can no longer make calls or even send messages? If there is no other way of getting it unlocked, then use it as a music player. If you get an iPhone on Craigslist and there are zero chances of contacting the buyer for assistance on unblocking it, you can just use it to download music and connect to it every time you need those sweet rhythms.

You can use it to play music at home, use it when travelling on earphones or even when at the GYM. The good thing is that you can still connect it to the internet through WI-FI. Download your favorite tunes and enjoy your moments. Don’t think too much about the money you have lost but think about the much entertainment that you can get from it.

You can concur with me that playing music on your phone doesn’t need any internet connection. If you don’t have to download the music, you can receive them from another device and enjoy life as normal. Don’t let the mind of losing money dominate your life and block you from finding peace.

The music can still play even when there is no network. The other thing is that you can connect your device to the internet and stream videos or music life from YouTube. This is still another form of entertainment.

e. Turn it into a media center

The reality of the matter is that you can install several video streaming apps such as Kodi and make your iPhone a media center. It doesn’t matter whether the iPhone is connected to the internet to use it as a media center. As long as the iPhone can connect to the internet via WI-FI, just sit down and download a music provider such as Spotify or kodi. Just ensure that the iPhone is securely connected to a WI-FI network and the process will take a short time.

f. Use it as a remote control

I bet you have never thought that you iPhone can be used as a remote control. You just have to put your TV in the same network as your iPhone for the remote control to work. There are several ways through which your Smart TV can connect to your iPhone and be used as a remote control. Just follow some of the most reliable guides to make it work for you.

g. Use it as a language translator

This is not a new use for smartphones. Smartphones including iPhone can be able to translate to over 100 international languages and hence this is a good purpose for your blacklisted iPhone. Some of these iPhones don’t require an internet connection to interprate a well written word or a document from one language to the other.

h. Spare camera

iPhones will still remain functional unless for making calls and sending messages. The camera is still in good condition. What this means is that you can use your blacklisted iPhone as a spare camera. Use it to keep memories of those important and memorial moments in your life. This is one of the most creative ways to use your blacklisted iPhoine.

i. Use it as a navigator

An iPhone is and will remain to be one of the most powerful navigation tools. You can use it to locate some places remotely. Get access to GPS and be able to spot some of the most confusing locations on your smartphone.

j. Dash Cam

Some of the cameras will still work with your iPhone. Most of the people wants a dash cam for their cars and maybe don’t have enough money to make it a reality. For this reason, if you already bought a blacklisted iPhone and never know what to do with it, turn it to a dash cam.

k. Video editor and sound editor

It is common sense that before you begin video editing, you should choose the perfect equipment. Most of iPhones can serve this work perfectly. If you cannot be able to use your iPhone to receive or make calls, then just use it as a video editor or a sound editor.

l. eBook Reader

Just get one of the best applications for eBook reading into your iPhone and you will remotely turn it into an eBook reader. You can Google Search eBooks on the internet and read them using your iPhone. There are a vast collection of eBooks in the internet that you can choose from.

m. Kids learning tool

Your kids wants an easy tool for getting connected to online reading materials such as Wikipedia and eBooks. You can use this iPhone as a learning tool for your kids.

n. Hacking tool

You can install powerful root-only applications and even substitute your device’s entire operating system with a custom ROM full of fresh features and advanced customization potential hacking and other purposes.

o. Experimentation tool

An iPhone can be used as an experimentation tool for experimenting those things that you learn in class at home.

p. Spare parts

There are several other parts of an iPhone that are still functional and can be used to provide services to other faulty smartphones. Talk about the screen and the battery and the speakers, you can remove them and sell as spare parts.

q. Voice and sound recorders

It can no longer make/ receive calls or even send messages but it can still record clear voices and sounds for special reference occasions. Use that blacklisted iPhone for this purpose.

r. Video camera

The camera is not blacklisted and hence you can use it to take videos of situations that you want to keep as a reminder. Use your blacklisted iPhone to take and store videos for those unique moments.

s. Remote Control for DJI Spark

You can get a cable to connect your iPhone and serve as a Remote control for DJI Spark. It expands your spark drone so that you can customize the imaging and video taking processes.

t. Security camera

Security Cam will turn your blacklisted Camera into a security Camera and Monitor. If you cannot use your blacklisted iPhone on another purpose, get this on your table and make it work for you.

u. Digital Photo Frame

Your malfunctioning iPhone has its display intact. What this means is that you can use it as a Digital Photo Frame in your house. There are several apps that are available to facilitate this. Get one of them and enjoy the moment.

v. Desk calendar

The other useful thing to do with your blacklisted iPhone is to use it as a desk calendar. You can set reminders for important occasions or even use it for calendar references.

w. Unlock for International Use

It doesn’t matter whether an iPhone is locked locally or not, you can be able to unlock it and sell it to foreigners for international use. You can as well sell it internationally since it can still connect to other international carriers.

x. Remove the blacklist Remotely

There are several experts out there who can help you remove the blacklist remotely. We are here to help you thrive through this process and still retain the usability of your iPhone. All you need to do is send the IMEI number and get your iPhone removed from the blacklist remotely at a fee. The services are available here and you can use your phone normally by today.


Don’t worry if your iPhone or Android is blacklisted, there are always to minimize your loss. Since it can also be fixed remotely by removing the blacklist, you can be assured that you’re able to use your iPhone or Android device again.


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How to Fix Electra Jailbreak ‘Please Wait’ Error Message and Black Screen

The new Electra jailbreak is here but if you’re trying to jailbreak your iPhone and getting the ‘please wait’ error message and black screen, try these.


Jailbreaking is still relevant until today since the iPhone was first released. There have been various types of tools made available by hackers, and the latest one is called the Electra. Since there are millions of iPhones and iPads out there, there’s a high risk of hiccups during the jailbreaking process.

Here’s a possible fix you can try if you encountered the ‘please wait’ error or even the black screen. First thing you need to do is to make sure that your iPhone or iPad is on Airplane Mode even before you start the process. Your iPhone’s memory needs to be cleared (there are apps or steps which can help to do this). Restarting the phone may help too. Also, deleting the iOS 11.4 update file helps increase the success.

The above suggestions have been reported to help people to proceed with the jailbreak. So there’s no harm in trying. If that fails too, a hacker called @angelXwind proposed to do the following based on his Tweet:

Another note for Electra 11.2-11.3.1: If your device suddenly displayed a black screen with a spinner on it after Electra’s UI reached Stage 2/3, the jailbreak has /succeeded/.

If you do not see Cydia, SSH into your device as mobile and run uicache, or hard reset your device.

For some reason on certain devices one would encounter one of these issues even though the jailbreak has been completed. You’ll need some additional research on how to SSH (accessing device using different tools) to your device and running the uicache as mentioned by @angelXwind.

The least ideal way is to do a full restore on the device before attempting to do any jailbreak. It’s not perfect but if jailbreaking your device is really something that you want to do, then it’s worth trying all the above.

We hope that your jailbreak is successful!

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5 Things You Can Do to Activate a Blacklisted iPhone

Did you buy a blacklisted iPhone? Don’t worry as here are the 5 things you can do to activate a blacklisted iPhone.


A lot of people get good deals when buying iPhone online, but they ended up buying blacklisted iPhones. One of biggest mistakes of buying a used iPhone online is not checking whether the iPhone has been activated or not.

2 Ways a Blacklisted iPhone Can Affect its Activation

There are two ways to define a blacklisted iPhone in terms of how it can affect its activation.

i. iCloud Activation Lock

The first level of blockage would the iCloud Activation Lock being enabled. This is by far the most common issues encountered by people.

The activation is enabled whether it’s reported lost/stolen or simply just activated to prevent being misused.

ii. Apple Server Activation Lock

Aside from that, there’s also a high level activation blockage from the Apple server which says something like “This iPhone cannot be activated.”

Enterprise level activation via MDM is also possible.

A few years back, we wrote a blog post about ‘What Ever Happens to IMEI Blacklisted iPhones or Other Popular Smartphones?‘ That article will help you understand more on why your iPhone got blacklisted in the first place.

5 Things You Can Do to Activate a Blacklisted iPhone

Here are few things you can try to allow you to use your iPhone again.

i. Dispute it with the seller

If you bought the blacklisted iPhone on eBay, you can ask for a refund from the seller by following the refund procedures set by eBay.

However it may not be possible if it’s purchased on other sites which don’t protect the buyers. Buying it from the streets can be risky as well.

In any case if you purchased it online and paid using PayPal, you’re usually protected.

ii. Contact the Authority

Did you have enough info of the device’s original owner or the person who sold it to you? Although not all authorities may be able to assist, but it’s better than doing nothing at all.

iii. Check Online Forums or Quora

Apple designed the iPhone to prevent any possible way to activate it if the iCloud is enabled. However, there have been instances whereby people have found ways to activate it especially if the iOS is still running on older versions.

iv. Get the iCloud Activation E-mail Address

If the phone is stuck on activation, it will hint the email address on the screen. Although it’s not always possible to guess the correct email, you can use this service to get the full email address.

Once you get the full email address, then refer to point #10.

v. Remove the iCloud Activation

This is the last resort if you’re not able to activate it using all the possible methods above. Do note the process to remove it can be really costly and the success rate is also depending how ‘fresh’ the device is. That means there’s no previous attempt to remove the iCloud activation remotely before.

What Can You Do Once You’ve Activated a Blacklisted iPhone?

There’s still a market for your blacklisted iPhone.

If you live in the USA, there are many people who travel there and to purchase iPhones to bring back to their home countries.

This is where your iPhone becomes valuable. If you have an AT&T iPhone that’s already officially unlocked but blacklisted, you can sell it off to them.

They always want to find good deals while they’re there and even though it’s blacklisted in the USA, it can still be used in other countries.

We’ve also recently published a full guide on how to unlock a blacklisted T-Mobile iPhone.

It’s not fun to deal with all these but by using common sense and a bit of research, there’s always a way to minimise your loss.

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How to Fix iOS 11.4 Black Screen In Camera App

Your iPhone camera goes berserk after updating the iOS? This article will show you fix iOS 11.4 black screen in Camera App.

Fix iOS 11.4 Black Screen In Camera App

A lot of iPhone users are starting to hold themselves from updating to any latest iOS release due to frequent cases of the latest patch by Apple would mess up their phones.

Many iPhone users were outraged recently after finding out that the camera app shows black screen after updating to iOS 11.4. The preview mode was essentially disabled and nothing can be seen on the screen. The issue seems to be widespread affecting iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and some iPhone X.

This can be a frustrating experience for both the users and Apple developers too as each time there’s an update, it creates huge problems even though extensive tests have been performed by Beta users.

The iPhone camera is probably the most important component for most users especially for social media users who spends many hours on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

There are a few possible fixes you can try at home before bringing it to the nearest Apple Store.

How to Fix iOS 11.4 Black Screen In Camera App

1. Hard Reset the iPhone

Since there are a few models, each one has a unique way to reset it. By resetting the iPhone, it will kill any process running in the background and force reboot the iOS.

  • iPhone 8, 8+ and X: Press Volume up, then volume down, then power button
  • iPhone 7 and 7 Plus: Press Power button + volume-down button
  • iPhone 6S and earlier: Press Power button + home button together for 10 seconds

The procedure above will shut down your iPhone and the Apple logo will appear soon after that. Once the iPhone is on standby mode, launch the camera app to check that it’s working normally.

2. Install a Fresh Copy of iOS

Before installing a new copy of the latest iOS, please be sure to backup your iPhone first to ensure no data is loss. It will be more painful to lose your data compared to having a broken software.

The full procedure can be found on Apple’s website on the link below:

Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod to factory settings – Apple Support

After the restoration is completed, try to launch the camera app first before restoring any of your data. If the same issue persists, it’s very likely that the latest iOS has affected your iPhone’s hardware.

3. Wait for iOS 12

The last resort would be waiting for the latest iOS 12 to be released. It’s already on Beta 2 release being tested by developers. It should be fairly soon before you can download and install it on your iPhone.

If none of the above works, just head to your nearest Apple Store or your authorized repair center to get your iPhone checked by professional technicians.

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