12 Things You Can Do If You Bought an iCloud Locked Apple Watch (2021 Guide)

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

Did you get a good deal buying an Apple Watch but found out that it’s iCloud locked? Read 12 things you can do if you bought an iCloud locked Apple Watch.

  • iCloud locked Apple Watch can be unlocked
  • This safety activation mechanism was designed by Apple
  • There are multiple ways to unlock iCloud on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Activation Lock Bypass


Did you get a good deal buying an Apple Watch but found out that it’s iCloud locked?  Since iOS 6, Apple added the iCloud Activation Lock on all Apple devices, including the Apple Watch.

The iOS iCloud Activation Lock is usually activated if the device is lost or stolen but it can be due to any reason at all. It’s generally easy to identify devices that are iCloud locked if they’re sold online.

If the seller is honest, he or she would have added it in the description. They are usually sold cheaper than the market price.

Unlock Apple Watch iCloud Lock

If you have been on eBay searching for a low cost Apple Watch, you must have discovered the Preponderance of auctions that are selling low priced iCloud-Locked apple watches.

I have heard several people cry of the same issue. But the good thing is that today we’re here to help you on this.

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What is iCloud Lock?

Apple on their move to provide high secure devices has provided the very useful Find My Device tool for the years now. iOS 6.0 introduced iCloud Lock.

This means that if your apple watch is stolen or lost, you can use your iCloud tool to activate or reactivate it. This was meant to mean that stolen Apple Devices would pose a low value to the thieves.


Apple wanted to mean that the thieves can’t use it or sell it as a full functional phone. The fact that the watch is locked tips away the buyers and if sold it can attract low price.

In eBay, the cursory search of iCloud Locked returns over 1,000 results. All the results range somewhere between $50-$300 for a new watch.

How to know if an Apple Watch is iCloud locked?

You never know the time you may fall victim of this issue. Although there are several things that you can do to correct the situation, you need to be careful and ensure you are able to know if the device is locked.

In eBay, person-to-person deals are left uncontrolled and hence you are sure to get several deals of varying sales.

If the seller is honest, he or she will come open and inform the buyers about the status of the device. He can state on the description whether the watch is iCloud-locked or not.

If the seller is not so open on it, there are still several things that you can look for before buying the watch.

Why Find My iPhone / Watch is Crucial?

Find My iPhone and the activation lock are integrated to ensure that people cannot use stolen Apple devices.

You can use several tools online to get a clear cut between those watches that are locked and those that are not.

Even if you erase your device remotely, it can still continue to deter anyone else from using it.

The other thing is to request comprehensive information from the seller. Ask them to come open and give you all the information that you require before buying the device.

Ensure they don’t lure you to buy the device before all the information is satisfactory.

If you don’t have to check for all this information, then at least purchase this device from someone that you already know.

This way, you can come to them in case of any problem and request for a refund or any other assistance.

Check if the Activation Lock is on

To check if the watch you purchased has an active iCloud Lock, open the Apple watch App on your iPhone. Then tap My Watch tab and check for your watch name at the top of the screen.

Next, tap the additional information small tab at the side. This icon is usually with an exclamation mark at the center of the mark.

If you see Find My Apple Watch, then this is a confirmation that the activation Lock is on.

Which Models of Apple Watch has iCloud Activation Lock?

Essentially, add models of Apple Watch have the Activation Lock added for security. These include:

  • Apple Watch (2015–2016)
  • Apple Watch Series 1 (2016–2018)
  • Apple Watch Series 2 (2016–2017)
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (2017–present)
  • Apple Watch Series 4 (2018–2019)
  • Apple Watch Series 5 (2019-present)
  • Apple Watch Series 6

Unlock or Reset a Found Apple Watch

There are times when one lost an Apple Watch and another person found it.

The most common question we get is:

I found an Apple Watch how do I reset it?

It may not be easy to find the original or previous owner if you decide to return or surrender it.

On Apple’s website, you can search for solution to unlock it but it’s not always possible.

In most cases, the Activation Lock would have been activated and you still need to perform iCloud removal or iCloud unlock for the Apple Watch.

There’s no way to factory reset it too, in case you’re wondering.

iCloud Login Finder Apple Watch

Of course, when you searched online, you would want to find the most reliable solution and if possible a free one.

There are some parties offering login finder, but truth be told, the information resides only on the Apple database.

Without access to this, there’s no way you can find the login for iCloud. The best way is still to use the iCloud unlock service which is explained later in this article.

Remove Activation Lock on Apple Watch without Apple ID

This is a common question asked by people who tried to remove the activation lock.

Currently there is no available hacks or cheats to do this.

Due to the security set by Apple, it is only possible by using the actual Apple ID to login to the device or using a remote bypass or unlock service.

The remote bypass or unlock service link is as shared earlier on this article.

What if am a victim, what can I do with my iCloud Locked Apple Watch?

It may be the worst feeling in the world, but maybe one of these tips will help you get this issue sorted. Let’s get things straight and check out these helpful tips.

If you’re in a hurry, scroll down to the bottom of this page for the best and fastest solution to fix your device.

Ask for a refund from your seller

If you bought it used on eBay, you can ask for a refund from the seller by following the refund procedures set by eBay.

You will have to arrange to have it shipped back to the seller, once he or she confirms that the Apple Watch is in order, eBay will release the funds back to your account.

The case may be different if you got your iCloud locked Apple Watch from Craigslist or on the street. It may be difficult to get your money back because these types of sellers probably won’t entertain your calls at all.

This is the worst feeling. Knowing that you purchased a device that cannot help you and you have no way to get your money back.

Bonus: Legal action?

However, if you bought this device from someone you can locate or someone you know, it is easier to get your refund. You can follow all the legal procedures until you are compensated.

If you bought it on eBay, then you are lucky because they can refund you or even provide you with a replacement. eBay has a refund policy on which you can follow to get the device back and get your money in full.

If you bought Apple watch from the street or from someone you met on the road, then your situation is worse.

They may use a temporary email address and will no longer respond to your email. The good thing is that there are several other things that you can still do.

Sell it as spare parts

If you have no mechanism to get your money back, then you can dismember some of the most useful parts and sell them.

Some of the parts are still usable such as the screen, strap, back casing and all other parts.
It may help someone with a broken Apple Watch and one of the parts may help revive his or her Watch again.

It’s not the most ideal but you might be doing other people a big favor while getting back some of your hard earned cash. However, you have to shop around for a very trusted buyer.

Look for someone who will not lower the price of spare parts simply because you are desperately in need for his services.

Spare parts from Apple Watch

Check out ifixit.com’s tutorial on how to take it apart.

Swap the Logic Board

Once again, refer to ifixit.com’s tutorial as there may be a way to get the logic board replaced, if you can find one that’s still working. The work may be complicated, but there’s always a chance to save your Apple Watch.

If you don’t need to use your money to purchase another watch, look for a very professional electronics expert to replace your watch’s logic board with another functional one. This can work and hence you should go for it.

You may need to find a proper repair shop which can do this for you if you don’t fancy tinkering with a delicate device such as the Apple Watch.

Replacing Logic Board of your watch will end up removing the activation lock.

The Logic board is equivalent to the ‘’computer’’ and this is the place where different peripherals are plugged in.

What this means is that this is the same place that holds the settings and the memory of keeping the activation lock active.

If replaced, then it means that all the prior settings are out and you have a chance to use it.

Re-sell it

There’s still a market for your iCloud locked Apple Watch. You can do it on any auction site that can handle international transaction.

The same mechanisms that the seller used to reach you are the same you can use to reach other potential buyers.

There are very many channels through which you can sell it.


If you cannot get it back on eBay, then use social media to market your device to reach buyers out there.

The point is that you are likely to sell it at a price that is lower than the one you bought.

You will make a loss but it is a good thing. It’s probably the only way to minimize your lost as much as possible.

Learn How to Fix an Apple Watch

Similar to tip #2 and #3, learning how to fix an Apple Watch can be a good potential income source.

All you need to do to get started is to purchase some tools online and learn how to take it apart.

Once you get the hang of it, you can purchase more iCloud locked Apple Watch to make more money.

Who knows, you might discover a new way of removing the iCloud lock instead of using the serial number method

Shoot a YouTube Video

How about shooting a YouTube video and smash the Apple Watch into pieces?

This type of videos can be extremely popular because some people find pleasure when seeing things are smashed.

Other ways to abuse it – throw it onto a busy highway or a hot steel furnace. Be creative and shoot videos that will attract a massive of viewers.

The Apple Watch can be put into good use at schools or universities for science classes as students are able to experiment and tinker with the device.

Just get into contact with some of the schools in your local area and make arrangement. If they cannot pay you for the device, then donate it.

However, if the management is willing to pay you for the device, get it. If you have other electronic devices which are no longer in use, perhaps you can donate everything together.

Turn it into a Decoration

If you have the complete box with all the instructions, you can probably put it inside a glass box or in a book shelf as a decoration.

It can be a constant reminder to be careful with purchasing any used device online.

Who knows, the price may go up one day as it turns into a collector’s item.

Give it to Someone as Prank

You can consider giving it to someone as a gift to prank someone during April Fool’s or something.

Just make sure that someone is able to tolerate with jokes or pranks. Don’t give it to sensitive friends who can easily be offended by such pranks.

Use it for Home Experiments

There are some people out there who like carrying out home experiments. Why don’t you keep the watch for these purposes?

If you have a son or a daughter who is so into electronics then give it for his or her own experiments.

If they are students, they can use the watch to practice on those experiments that they dealt with in the school.

Buy a damaged watch and get the spare here to repair it

If you have already bought this watch and you really need an Apple Watch, then you can shop around for watches that are not working and use the spare parts to repair one of them.

If you buy another watch with a damaged screen then you can get it from the locked watch and replace to make one of them functional.

You can as well get the logic board to replace the locked part of the Apple Watch.

Remove the iCloud Lock via iCloud Removal Bypass Service for Apple Watch

Don’t wish to try any of the above? Why don’t you try to remove the iCloud activation remotely via its serial number? Essentially, this is an Apple Watch activation lock bypass or Apple Watch iCloud Activation Lock Removal service.


Simply by sending the serial number, we can remove the iCloud lock. This can be verified by entering the 12-digit alphanumeric on the iCloud.com website here:

https://www.icloud.com/activationlock/ Apple has removed this checker due to abuse

The link to the service can be found here (offered by our UK partner): Apple Watch (iWatch) iCloud Lock Removal/Fix using serial number

This service also supports for any Apple device including iPhone, iPad and iPod.



Consider yourself lucky if you bumped into this post while trying to find a used Apple Watch. Head to our partner’s site to fix your device now.

Any other tips to add?

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