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(Last Updated On: March 1, 2019)

If you are in the market today searching for a second hand iPhone, Android device or iPad, we bet you will need IMEI number to ensure that the device you are going for hasn’t been blacklisted.


If in any case the device is locked, you need to find out which mobile carrier your mobile device are currently locked to. Some years ago, most of the carriers in the US started sharing databases to share devices that were stolen or lost.

In most of the cases, you may be convinced that Apple and android manufacturers have the capability to blacklist an iPhone or an android Smartphone. However, the main actor in this case is the specific wireless carriers. Smartphone developers cannot change the status of blacklisted Smartphone. As a matter of fact, most of the manufacturers have a hand off policy on all lost or stolen phones.

To understand the whole concept of blacklisted phone, you have to start by understanding the source of all the issue. Wireless carriers build their data bases through the Smartphone special number known as International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).

When that specific Smartphone is reported as lost or stolen, the carrier will have to follow up closely and later lock that specific iPhone or an android Smartphone making it difficult to be used in any other carrier. The other reason why a phone can be blacklisted is if the user is no more able to pay for their contract. If the device was also acquired through fraud, then they may also blacklist it.

What’s the reason behind blacklisted phones?

The whole idea of blacklisting phones came due to the increasing theft of mobile devices. Blacklisting makes an iPhone or an android Smartphone less of the target by thieves and fraudsters. One thing that you have to bear in mind is that an IMEI number unlike a sim card which can be replaced cannot be reacquired. This is what makes it easy for carriers to track down lost and stolen phones and eventually blacklist them. Customers are also given an opportunity to check if the device they are about to purchase was listed as stolen or lost.

What blacklisting means for an iPhone or Android phone user?

When a mobile device is put on blacklist databases, it prevents it from being activated on any other carriers until the issue with the previous carrier is solved. These blacklisting databases are connected across US, Canada and international borders which means now you cannot be able to register a blacklisted Phone on any other carrier in the world.

The other thing that you have to bear in your head is that blacklisting may happen long after the device is sold. The main reason for this is that the carrier may become aware of the case long after you have already purchased the smart device.

The good thing is that it is very easy for a customer to check the status of the phone they are about to purchase with the help of a reliable tool. With all the consequences you can bear after buying a blacklisted Smartphone, you have to check and recheck the status of the device before you finalize the purchase. This helps in making an informed decision.

How to blacklist a stolen phone

If for any case you fall a victim of any criminal activity and your iPhone or an android device is stolen, there are several steps that you are supposed to undertake to blacklist the phone. You just have to contact the carrier and everything else will follow. Besides the apple’s activation lock, contacting the carrier provides additional protection.

What if I buy a blacklisted iPhone or Android phone

Today almost everything is possible. You may fall a victim of a blacklisted iPhone or an android smart device without knowledge. The good thing is that today there are several services out there that claim to wash away blacklisted Smartphone. Though, there’s no guarantee that most of these services will work for you. This means that having a device’s IMEI number cleaned is something that only a carrier can do legally.

If you find a device that is blacklisted, then contacting the carrier is the first thing that you should do. However, there are several other things you can do.

Unlocking your smart device with Metro PCs

Metro PCs which is now known as Metro PCs by T-mobile offers an exclusive opportunity for all the users to get their locked iPhone and android devices back to operation. It is a prepaid wireless carrier which is owned by T-mobiles. Some of the previously leading giants in telecommunication such as Verizon and AT&T are losing their market share due to high costs and other service related issues that they are currently experiencing.

When you want to unlock your iPhone or android device with Metro PCs sim card, you first of all have to buy a full retail iPhone because this service provider doesn’t offer packages like other carriers do. You are later supposed to go to Metro PCs and buy a sim card. With their sim card, the services, data, LTE and WIFI will wok normally.

The good thing is that if you already have metro PCs by T-mobile sim card and wants to buy a new iPhone or an android device, it will work just perfect with your new device. However, you have to run the sim card on iPhone 6, iPhone 7 and several other latest iPhone models.

The other thing is that your phone needs to be factory unlocked if you want to unlock your phone with Metro PCs sim card. Otherwise, the messages and data will not work as needed. Additionally, you need APN settings. If you are not getting the whole idea, you can at any time contact Metro PCs by T-Mobile for more help and assistance on how to factory unlock your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

You can as well switch from Verizon or AT&T by simply going to their service centers and informing them that you want to switch to a different provider. You will be required to give a clearance on Payments. They will later process your request and give you permission and code and later instructions on how to switch to a different provider. They will guide you along on how to unlock your iPhone or android device for another service provider.

The next step is to get in touch with Metro PCs with T-mobile service centers and get your simcard. The cost of unlocking your iPhone with Metro PCs usually costs $60. The process will take a maximum or 5 minutes.

If you still need their help to factory unlock an iPhone, then you can visit the Metro PCs center for this services but you will be forced to pay $120. However, this may also vary depending on your location and the state.

Your iPhone or android smart device doesn’t work with Metro PCs? 

There are several reasons why your iPhone or android phone may not work with metro pcs. The first reason is that the sim card you currently have is in the list of the unsupported under the activation policy. This policy is usually assigned by the activation server. In this case, you are supposed to insert another simcard because this is not a software issue.

Can I get services to remove the blacklisted IMEI and later use it on Metro PCs?

Yes, this is very possible. You don’t have to send your iPhone or android Smartphone; you just have to provide the IMEI number and later complete the payments for the phone to be dealt with. The smart phone will be cleaned and after that it can use any simcard including Metro PC with T-mobile simcard.

If for any reason metro PC shows that the iPhone is blocked due to the balance due, then there are several service providers who can unlock it and the balance will be reactivated. Their job is not to clear the bills but to remove the IMEI from the blacklist. You will still have to pay the dues but you can as well use another carrier for the service.

After the phone is cleaned from the blacklist, you can be able to use it with all the other carriers in the market today. If it is blacklisted by AT&T, then you can start using it with other carriers including Metro PCs. All the other carriers will show that the phone is clean and ready for use.

Their services will also be permanent. You don’t have to worry about your iPhone being blacklisted again without your notice. If for any case your phone shows as stolen or lost and you are the original owner, then it is very simple, you can get in touch with your carrier and raise the issue.

When you are looking for service providers to remove the blacklisted IMEI, then you must be very careful because some of the service providers only work well with certain carriers and for this reason they can never be 100% correct. If you have a bad ESN phones, then you don’t really have a problem-it comes factory unlocked and so you will never have a problem using it with other carriers.

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