Easy Fix for Unresponsive or Insensitive Home Button on iPhone 4

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You’ve recently noticed that your iPhone 4’s home button is not as sensitive or responsive as before. You had to press the home button multiple times to get to the home screen. This can be caused by dust or sometimes just a software error. If it’s the latter then there’s an extremely easy fix for this.

1. Plug-in your iPhone to its charger (I’ve not tested it by plugging in directly to a computer).

2. Long press Home button until the Voice Control screen comes up.

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3. Unplug the cable immediately from your iPhone.

I’ve tested this on an iPhone 4 but not on other models. It seems to work, well, at least for me. If it doesn’t then most likely the home button circuitry or logic board is defective.

Did this trick work for you?

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Comments & Discussion

  1. I can't believe this worked I've been dealing with that crappy home button for so loooong I was just about to buy a replacement! It worked !

  2. Hard press the left bottom body of the iPhone 4 (beside the home key but left). Once you press hard on that surface, click ur Home key. It should respond.

    If it responds, try the suggestion initially given above and it could permanently solve ur Home button issue.

  3. Brilliant! The first time I did it it was still a bit slow but much better than before. I did it a second time to see if it got any better, and amazingly, it did! It’s as good as new, brilliant idea that works instantly. Thank you for sharing the tip!!

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