This EEPROM Chip Programmer Can Fix iTunes Error (-1), 3, 6, 16, 47, 48, 1669

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When restoring your iPhone on iTunes and if you’re getting Error (-1), (3), (6), (16), (47), (48), (1669), this chip programmer is able to fix it.


I hate doing a full restore of any iDevice because it can be unpredictable and you may get one of the following errors which are usually related to hardware issues or specifically the chip(s) on the mainboard (logic board) of the iPhone or iPad:

  • iTunes Error (-1)
  • iTunes Error 3
  • iTunes Error 6
  • iTunes Error 16i
  • iTunes Error 47
  • iTunes Error 48
  • iTunes Error 1669

What Do These iTunes Errors Mean?

All of these errors are related to the the EEPROM chip. EEPROM is short for for electrically erasable programmable read-only memory.


The contents of the chip are made up of data whereby  they can be erased and reprogrammed using a pulsed voltage.

If for any reason the data is not stored or written properly, it will cause error especially during the process of restore on iTunes.

Another possible reason if the device was accidentally immersed in liquid or water which causes short circuit thus may cause similar errors.

Some people reported that other hardware issue like broken antenna will also contribute to these errors.

How to Fix these iTunes Errors?

As a general rule, some of these errors can be fixed simply by doing a series of steps on your iPhone (or iPad) and iTunes.

Before you begin, do make sure your data has been backed-up and you have a spare phone to use just in case.

  1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone
  2. Put your iPhone into DFU mode – press Power and Home Button for 10 seconds, and then release Power Button but keep holding the Home button for 5 seconds.
  3. The screen will stay dark but you will see a message on iTunes that your device is in recovery mode.
  4. Click Restore.
  5. The process to restore will take a while so wait until it completes.

If the restore goes smoothly as planned, that means your device doesn’t have any hardware issue.

How to Fix these iTunes Errors by using a Chip Programmer?

A company in China developed a device that allows qualified technicians to fix these iTunes errors.

They claimed that it will support all models of iPhones from iPhone 4S up until iPhone 6S Plus.

As the logic board of an iPhone is highly delicate and sensitive, removing any chip will cause permanent and irreversible damage.

Therefore this device allows you to fix iTunes error without having to remove any single chip from the logic board.

Technicians only need to connect the logic board to the device, but we didn’t get to see in details on how it’s done.

The chip programmer is also able to erase, read, re-write, check and diagnose EEPROM chips and of course to fix iTunes Error (-1), 3, 6, 16, 47, 48, 1669.

For an advanced repair centre, this is probably a tool technicians need as there are not many repair centres which are specialised in fixing errors like these.

Normally the logic board is replaced right away.

This device sounds very promising and will definitely save a lot of broken iPhones out there.

We hope we can get to try this soon and post the results here.

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