Can You Fix the Blacklisted ESN or IMEI of T-Mobile iPhone 12 with Unpaid Bills?

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2020)

If you accidentally bought a used T-Mobile iPhone 12 with unpaid bills, can you change the blacklisted status from unpaid bills to clean?


The best thing about buying a used device is getting a good price of it.

iPhone 12 that was just announced a few weeks ago once again becomes a hot item with Apple fans from around the world.

Carriers like T-Mobile, which now also owns Sprint network is selling it on their website.

It has long waiting list with time frame of until end of Christmas, despite the uncertain economies and COVID-19 outbreak.

It’s not cheap though so people will start looking for online deals very soon.

However, it has a lot of drawbacks because potentially the device may be blocked by its network or blacklisted on all US network.

Here are some of the reasons why they get blocked:

  • Unpaid bills or Financed
  • Lost
  • Stolen
  • Reported missing
  • Insurance claims
  • Fraud

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On T-Mobile’s database, once a device has been blocked, it will show the status like the following:


What else can you do with a device that’s blocked or blacklisted on the network? Well, here are some possible options:

  • Unlock the device
  • Sell the device

If you choose to unlock the device, as long as it’s not blocked on other network, you can use it on Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile (USA network).

However, if it’s blocked on all network, you can still unlock it but you may not be able to use it in USA.

That’s still not the end though, because there are options for you to fix the ESN/IMEI of Sprint remotely.

Fixing the ESN/IMEI remotely would mean “cleaning” it on the network.

Once it has been cleaned, other carriers will update their databases as well which makes it possible for you to use on all network for as long as the device is unlocked as mentioned earlier.

If you wish to consider cleaning it, please refer to this service here

Once the phone is cleaned or removed from blacklist, the process to unlock an unpaid phone T-Mobile can begin, this can be found on our online Store too.

All services only require the unique 15-digit IMEI of the device which can be founder under Settings > General > About.

Unlocking allows you to switch carriers, not just locally but globally.

This will also drive up the value of your iPhone 12.

Just remember if you haven’t got an iPhone 12 or planning to get one, be sure to check the status properly to avoid any potential losses.

Refer to our online Store for more details of this service or simply drop us an email.

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