Fix iMessage on Hacktivated/Jailbroken iPhone 4 or 3GS Running iOS 5.1

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Fancy to use iOS 5.1’s iMessage but can’t get it to work on your hacktivated and jailbroken iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS? Try these simple fixes below which have been proven to help many.

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Before you begin, just make sure that you have jailbroken your iPhone 4 or 3GS, then simply follow these instructions below.

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1. Launch Cydia and add the URL below to your source:

2. Once added, install SAM (Subscribers Artifical Module) and SAMpref (preference).

3. Launch SAMpref and Click “Revert Lockdownd to Stock” in Settings > SAM (this deactivates your hacktivation).

4. Go to Settings > SAM and tap on “De-Activate iPhone.”

5. Connect your iPhone to iTunes to activate it.

6. If you already have iPusher app installed, remove it now.

7. Go to Settings > SAM > Utilities > tap on “Backup Activation” and then followed by “Restore Activation.”

8. Reboot your iPhone and then sync it with iTunes. If you’re on iOS 5.1, remember the jailbreak is tethered! Be sure to have redsn0w handy.

Note: If you can’t get passed iTunes activation – Check if “Hacktivation” in SAM is on, then take a look at the text underneath it on what you have to do; then turn “Hacktivation” off and connect to iTunes again.

9. Install free iPusher App from the App Store.

10. Reboot your iPhone and then sync it with iTunes. Make sure your iPhone is connected to a WiFi that has an active internet connection.

11. Open iPusher app and tap on Test Push Notifications button. If your Push Notifications are working fine, you will see a pop-up saying:

Yay, push notifications work fine!

12. Turn off iMessage.

13. Reboot iPhone (remember it’s tethered!).

14. Turn on iMessage.

That’s all to it! It seems long winded but if you follow each step carefully, you’ll get iMessage working on your iPhone by now.

Does it work for you?

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  1. i have 3gs jailbroke on iOs 4.1 – was told not to undate or rebot. on bell carrier. if i do this will it stop phone from working?

  2. iPusher just stays at the "Please wait…" thing for like ever, should I wait for something to happen or just face the fact that it's not gonna work? I've used this method and another and same results. I'd go through the whole process as I'm supposed to, and when I get to iPusher and it stays at "Please wait…". Any solutions, fixes, or other methods that have a surefire chance of working?

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