Fix iPhone 3GS Recovery Loop and Error 1015 During Restore with Custom Firmware 4.2.1

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For iPhone 3GS users who have upgraded to baseband 6.15.00 but are stuck in a recovery loop, please follow the instructions below to bring your iPhone back to life again.

If you have iPad’s baseband 6.15.00 implanted into your iPhone, iTunes will not allow you to restore with the original firmware as it does not recognize that particular baseband on an iPhone. In order to fix this, follow the instructions below:

  1. Download custom firmware 4.2.1 for iPhone 3GS [ 396.46MB download link]
  2. Use Redsn0w 0.9.6b to pawn DFU mode only [Windows or Mac]
  3. On iTunes, do a shift restore and point to the custom IPSW file you have just downloaded
  4. If you encounter error 16xx, use iREB-4.0.x-4.1-RC2 to fix this issue [download link, Windows version only]
  5. Repeat step 3 by doing a shift restore
  6. After restore is completed, your iPhone will reboot automatically and you will get to the emergency screen
  7. Use redsn0w again and chose the option just boot tethered right now
  8. Your iPhone will reboot showing a Pinapple logo and your it will be activated automatically
  9. UPDATED: Now you can untethered jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 with GreenPois0n RC6.

Good luck and leave your comments or issues below.

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Comments & Discussion

  1. I jailbroke my 3gs and unlocked !! current baseband is 6.15.00 and ios is 4.2.1 . I knew the risk yet i did it. I want to downgrade my baseband or upgrade the ios. Any help??

  2. Thank you so much for this.. im stuck in 12 hours searching and trying to give life again in my iphone 3G… thank you

  3. Hi, I need to tray this for my daughters 3gs it had ios 4.3.1. and BB 06.15.00 do I still download and use ios 4.2.1 or do i use 4.3.1. again. Thanks a lot

  4. Hi trying to get my daughters 3gs working again, do I still download iOS 4.2.1 even though it was 4.3.1. and BB6.15? thanks in advance.

  5. Hello I have an iPhone 3gs 4.2.1 baseband 06.15.00. Dumbly I clicked on 'reset all settings' now I'm stuck on continuous loop, except with Greenp0ison skull over apple. I've tried everything I've read online, including this tutorial. Nothing has worked so far ;(. The error itunes is giving me after I try this method is " this iPhone could not be restored, it is not eligible for this build" Its very frustrating. Any help or suggestions will be appreciated and if one of them works I promise a donation ;) Thanks guys in advance.

    • 1. download iOS 4.1 original firmware (if you don't have the SHSH for 4.2.1 or 4.3.3), Apple is still still signing 4.1
      2. build custom firmware with sn0wbreeze
      3. use iREB or redsn0w to put into pawn DFU (must be done to allow your iPhone to be restored with custom firmware)
      4. use iTunes to restore with custom firmware
      5. install ultrasn0w

      • Thanks for the response, Ive tried this but I keep getting stuck on the pawn DFU step, since the iPhone is continuously turning off and on, I cant get it to stay off. Once i run iReb to pawn it, it does it successfully but my iPhone turns back on and continues the loop. I tried redsn0w as well but it doesn't put it in pawn DFU , as I get itunes error 1600. Any suggestions on how to put it in pawn DFU mode, I can enter DFU mode pretty easily. Thanks

  6. hi i have a iphone 3gs. i jailbroke it with redsn0w the other day. it then said waiting for reboot and just never turned back on. in the options i ticked ipad baseband so i could unlock it with ultra snow aswell so i cant do a restore with itunes as it chucks the 1015 error at me and i have kicked it out of recovery and it just goes back to recovery ( itunes mode ) i can get into DFU mode and recovery but it just wont boot :( i have new IBOOT and it was tetherd jailbreak. i have tyed using redsn0w to ( boot now ) option but with no affect. what to do now and remember i saved NO SHSH blob so i cant downgrade either :( boo hoo some1 please please help me out here im losing my rag i have been up on my pc 24/7 and lastnight i didnt go to bed uintill 4 in morning and i just want my phone back :(

  7. Hello everyone,
    I bought a 3GS Iphone and it came with the firmware 4.3.5. Because it was blocked to AT&T network i tried do unlock and jailbreak it. I used snowbreeze, ireb, and tinyumbrella. after downgrading the firmware on itunes the phone got to the "emergency call" screen. after a few seconds it got all black… i cant do anything now. i´ve tried to upgrade it on itunes and i get the 28 error. any ideas or a step by step help for me.
    I´m really new to all this, sorry :(

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