Fix iPhone Stuck in Activation Mode After iOS 9.3 Update

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Are you one the many iPhone users who are stuck in activation mode after updating to iOS 9.3. Try these fixes here.

This issue is reported to have caused many stuck in iPhone’s activation screen. Normally, any update doesn’t require you to activate it. However, users who saw the activation screen are unable to login or activate even by entering the correct iCloud username and password.

Some people are also getting hint on the screen that the Apple ID is incorrect. There are two possible fixes you can try below:

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iPhone Stuck in Activation Screen Fix in iOS 9.3 Method 1

1. First Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer.

2. Launch iTunes and be sure that it’s the latest version.

3. You should be able to see the activate device screen in iTunes.

4. Enter your Apple ID or iCloud ID and password and continue.

iPhone Stuck in Activation Screen Fix in iOS 9.3 Method 2

1. Turn off your iPhone or turn on Airplane Mode.

2. Go to and login with your Apple ID and password.

3. Open Find My iPhone.

4. Go to All Devices and then select your device.

4. Click Remove from Account.

5. You should be able to activate it normally by now. Be sure to turn on Find My iPhone after that.

There may be cases that you don’t know the iCloud ID or Apple ID of your iPhone especially if you bought it used or second hand. In this instance contact the original owner or seller and ask them to remove your iPhone from their account (method 2).

Both methods above should fix these issues. Otherwise, do contact Apple support.


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