Here’s the Fix for evasi0n ‘You Must Run this App as Administrator’ on Windows Error

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Trying to jailbreak your iPhone 5 or iPad mini with evasi0n but getting the ‘You Must Run this App as Administrator’ error on Windows? Here’s the fix.


The easiest way to fix this is by right clicking on this program and click ‘Run As Administrator’. However, if you’re running Windows 7 (or XP) and it doesn’t have the option for you to input your local admin password, you can try the following.

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1. Download the latest evasi0n from the official website.

2. Decompress the zip file to your local drive. I prefer C:\ drive. Here I created a folder called ‘jb’. Place the evasi0n program here.

3. Once you have all the files ready, click Start > Run and they type CMD. This will launch the DOS window (black screen).


4. Go the directory where the files are by typing in:

cd c:\jb

5. Once you’re there, simply type:

runas /user:Administrator evasi0n.exe

6. It will then prompt you to enter the password. If you know your password, then enter it right now. Hit enter and evasi0n should start immediately.[/viral-lock]

That’s it! Then simply follow on screen instructions to jailbreak your iPhone 5, iPad mini etc.

If you don’t remember your local admin password and you do have local admin rights, change your password on the Control Panel.

I just finished jailbreaking my iPad mini… :)

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Here’s the Fix for evasi0n ‘You Must Run this App as Administrator’ on Windows Error was last modified: June 19th, 2018 by Joe Wang

Comments & Discussion

  1. on win8 you have to runas /user:Administrator
    if your UAC is set by domain policy. after searching for quite a while this was the only fix that I found to work.

  2. No more instructions? That cannot be the last step. Still getting Run As Admin. Can't create new user, as someone else suggested. This is a company computer.

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