How to Check if Your Verizon iPhone has Good or Bad ESN, MEID or IMEI for Free

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Thinking of getting a Verizon iPhone or devices but not sure of the ESN/MEID is bad or good? Use this free online tool.

First of all, if you’re new to buying used iPhones, it’s important for you to know the status. US carriers such as AT&T and T-Mobile have started blacklisting smartphones if they are reported missing, stolen, have unsettled bills, insurance claims were made etc.

Once a device is blacklisted, the MEID or ESN will become ‘bad’, barred, blocked or simply called blacklisted. There’s nothing much you can do with a blacklisted device.

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Therefore it’s extremely important that you check the ESN/MEID first before making any purchase and perhaps you might want to read these handy tips as well. How do you check  it for free?

UPDATE: Verizon’s official website has a real-time checker too

Go to, the most reliable ESN/MEID checker for Verizon device to date. It’s easy to use this free utility, simply enter your 14-digit ESN/MEID and hit ‘Check ESN.’ If your ESN/MEID is clean, it will say that your device is ready for activation. If your ESN is bad, you will get the result below.

In many cases you would be reading this blog post after you already bought a device with bad ESN/MEID. You may feel cheated or helpless, so I’d recommend that you contact the seller first. If he or she is avoiding you then you should definitely consider cleaning your Verizon iPhone bad ESN/MEID here or on our eBay site here.

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