How to Clean/Clear Verizon iPhone, iPad or Android with Bad/Blacklisted ESN (MEID)

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The worst thing about buying iPhone/iPad/Android device off eBay or Craigslist is finding out that it has bad ESN or MEID, which literally makes it a paperweight. Thankfully, there’s a way to fix this.

If you’ve read my tips on how to buy a used iPhone a few weeks ago, you wouldn’t have this problem. Unfortunately, not everyone can be lucky all the time.

iPhone or iPad (and Android phones) selling at extremely low prices on eBay or Craigslist usually has this problem.

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The ESN or MEID is “bad” or technically described as “blacklisted” by mobile service providers. This happens if the device is reported missing, stolen or the original account holder has past due balances.

You can do a quick check of its status on Verizon’s website. The check can be done for free and gives an instant result. Open the link below:

If it’s blacklisted or has a bad ESN, you will get the result as ‘please contact customer service‘.

You won’t be able to activate a device with this problem. Thankfully, we can help clear and clean any Verizon devices with bad ESN. That includes iPhone, Samsung, LG and any Verizon device.

The service doesn’t need you to ship your device or flashing your device. We only need the ESN, MEID or IMEI. Normal turnaround time is between 1 to 7 work days.

Here’s a sample from hundreds of devices which have been cleared of blacklist:

If for any reason it can be done, rest assured that you will be refunded in full. Since you’ll be paying via PayPal, you’ll have 100% peace of mind for your purchase.

Once that’s done, you can activate the device normally and able to use it again. You can verify it yourself using the same link given above. This gives you the assurance that your device has been cleaned/cleared.

If you have a clean ESN, it also allows you to officially unlock your Verizon iPhone.

This website also has a free tool to check whether your device has a good or bad ESN.

Get your Verzon iPhone/iPad/Android cleaned here or Sprint devices here!

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Comments & Discussion

  1. I purchased a Verizon IPhone4s on Friday. Clean esn at the time. When we tried to activate it, it was another number showing up, Verizon assured me 3 more times it was a clean esn on Saturday but active on someone’s acct (not mine or guy I got it from) Sunday Verizon tried to call acct holder and he didn’t answer n an hr later it was reported stolen so esn is bad. Can anything be done to clean the esn and make sure its not active on an acct

  2. what if the iphone was blacklisted?
    and by saying you clear/clean bad esn does that mean that it will be available for activation on the same carrier again?

  3. I went to the website you suggested to check ESN and it came back as callCheck. I am not able to contact verizon right now. Last time I checked a few months ago it was a bad esn. If I were to purchase your service do you check whether the ESN is clean through the process?

  4. Would I still be able to use Verizon ip5 on tmobile after I get the imei cleaned? Or would I just have to be Verizon?

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