How to Fix iPhone 4 that Hangs During Boot Up and No Sound Caused by Water Damage

(Last Updated On: June 12, 2020)

If your iPhone 4 hangs during boot up which is caused by water damage, there’s a way to fix it, but it does require some soldering skills.

This is a common issue if your iPhone 4’s logic board had a contact with liquid. If you managed to clean your logic board but still having this problem, the simple repair below might help.

[Warning: This repair is not meant for amateurs and it requires specialized tools and soldering skills, proceed with caution!]

1. Remove your logic board.

2. Clean up the logic board and remove any traces of oxidation. You may want to consider using this solution.

3. Prep your tools and get a 100 ohm Surface Mount Thick Film Resistor 01005 ( sells this).

4. Remove the broken resistor as shown in the photo above and replace it with a brand new resistor. You can also make a jumper if you can’t get a suitable replacement resistor.

That’s it – hopefully you’re able to fix it!


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