How to Fix iTunes Error 3194 When Updating iPhone to iOS 10

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The latest version of iOS is here. If you encounter iTunes error 3194 when trying to update to iOS 10, try one of these fixes.

You’re probably trying to update your iPhone to the latest iOS 10 using iTunes but kept getting error 3194. If you’re new to using iPhone, one of the most important things you need to know is you can never downgrade your iOS. This is by designed, and of course, how Apple wants it to be.

One of the main reasons is that Apple doesn’t want you to jailbreak your iPhone. For example, iOS 9.3 and below have exploits that can jailbreak iPhone most iPhone models.

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Since Apple can no longer patch or fix previous iOS which version which has been released to public, they can only fix those issues in the next release.

Now let’s go back to your iTunes restore error 3194. This is a very common error if you’re trying to restore your iPhone. Error 3194 is a response from iTunes telling you that your iPhone is not eligible to be restored to a particular iOS version.

Apple will only allow you install the latest iOS, but why are you still getting this error if the iOS version you’re trying to restore to is already the latest?

Well, the problem lies with your computer’s hosts file.

iTunes uses your computer’s hosts file to “communicate” with Apple’s activation server. It exists in both Mac and PC. If your hosts file is modified, you will definitely get this error message when updating to iOS 10 using iTunes.

So, how did your hosts file got modified in the first place? Jailbreaking software such as TinyUmbrella and redsn0w are the culprits. If you’ve used one of these programs before, they will modify your hosts file to trick iTunes to NOT connect to Apple’s iOS restore verification server.

Why you may ask? On older devices, it IS possible to restore to an older iOS for as long as you have the SHSH saved. This is a separate topic but is related so let’s discuss about this another day while we work on fixing this issue.

How to Fix iTunes Error 3194 When Updating iPhone to iOS 10

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Well, remember to close iTunes or reboot your computer after modifying your hosts file.

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