How to Fix Mobile Service Provider AT&T Icon that Suddenly Changed to DAN 3G

(Last Updated On: June 21, 2020)

If out of the blue your iPhone’s wireless provider icon AT&T changed to “Dan 3G”, don’t worry, your iPhone isn’t hacked by anyone. Here’s how to fix that.

If this happened to you, you’re not alone. Many people are concerned that their iPhones  have been hacked or compromised.

Your first reaction would be calling AT&T or visiting your nearest AT&T store, which is the right thing to do.

AT&T’s Level 2 Tech support have confirmed that this is occurring in the Philly market and only with iPhone 4 models. Some folks who live in Atlanta who maintain a 717 area code for central PA were affected as well.

Some explanation by a user on Apple’s support forum:

It is the older SIM cards that are affected. It is isolated to older SIM cards associated to 717 numbers. It has to do with technicalities related to some testing /upgrading of AT&T towers. Whatever the technical reason, there is a newer SIM card for the traditional SIM and there is a newer micro SIM as well. The new SIMs came when AT&T got LTE in some markets.

No one with the newer SIMs are affected. If you don’t believe me and you have an iPhone 4, take it out and compare it to the SIM of someone’s iPhone that doesn’t say Dan on it. Their SIMs are different colors and you’ll understand that the non LTE SIMs are the ones affected. The iPhone 4S and 5 ship with a new SIM in them and have since they came out.

There is a newer regular SIM that will work that’s LTE capable, it’s what the first Samsung note uses. Peace out people, stop debating the issue. Even apple care manager thanked me for figuring this one out and said they will share with other areas if arts issue starts popping up in other markets.

So yeah, just head out to your nearest AT&T store to get a replacement SIM card.

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