How to Fix or Remove Blacklisted T-Mobile iPhone that has Fraud Status

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If your attempt to fix a blacklisted T-Mobile iPhone failed, it is probably under the fraud list but it can still be fixed using a premium service here.


Buying a used iPhone is tricky because there’s a risk of the seller reporting the device as lost, stolen or even fraud.

In most cases, the blacklist of a T-Mobile iPhone can be removed using the service here.

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However, if the blacklist removal got rejected or denied, chances are the device has a fraud status on the database.

The fraud status is not usually indicated on the report.

Even if you do a check on the T-Mobile’s free checker, it won’t return the status as fraud.

In this case, it’s best to do another attempt to remove the blacklist again, but this time by choosing the Stolen / Fraud status.

This is known as premium service, as it uses additional level of removal method.

Once the removal or cleaning is done, you should get the following message:

“Congratulations! Your device is ready for use. Select one of the SIM cards on the previous page to get started.”

It’s good to go and you can activate it on the network.

We do recommend that you proceed with unlocking the device, as there’s always some risks that it will get blocked again.

Go to this link to permanently unlock your T-Mobile USA iPhone. This service also support MetroPCS iPhone.

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