How to Safely Remove iPhone 5 Lightning Connector that’s Stuck Inside a USB Port

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2020)

Oh boy, it seems the iPhone 5 is bombarded with a bunch of hardware issues lately. iPhone 5 users are now complaining that the iPhone 5 Lightning Connector gets stuck inside their computer’s USB port.

This problem reportedly caused by a slightly modified USB plug on the lightning connector. The photo below shows the deep notches present on the USB plug (on the right) compared to the old one on the left.

At present, Apple doesn’t seem to have a concrete solution to this issue and will simply tell customers to ‘wiggle’ it so that it would come out. Another advice they would give is to “buy a new cable.”

You can try the following [Warning: proceed at your own risks!]:

  • If you slightly wiggle the cable up, you can hear the two metal prongs inside the USB port detach, and you can then pull it out.  Be careful as repeating this several times will most likely weaken the USB port.
  • Get a plastic plectrum and put it at the bottom of the USB port. Then with a pair of pliars grabbed both the USB and the plectrum, gently wiggled it up and down until it came out.

If this hasn’t happened to you yet, you might want to consider buying a cheap USB cable extender so that you won’t need to plug in this cable directly into your computer.

Images courtesy of borse2008 on Apple Support forum and Flickr user unten44 / Richard Unten


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