iFixit iPhone 5 Teardown Shows It’s Easier to Replace the Touchscreen and LCD

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Do you repair iPhones? Here’s a good news for you, it’s going to be easier to replace the iPhone 5 screen.

The folks at iFixit revealed the teardown photos of iPhone 5 yesterday and you only need a suction cup to lift the iPhone 5 display – just like how it used to be on iPhone 3G and 3GS.

This means there will be 38 steps less compared to the iPhone 4S! This probably shows a change in Apple’s policy (probably the late Steve’s?) regarding repairs, as Apple used to make it really challenging to repair any of their device.

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If you’ve worked on the 3G or 3GS before, this will feel like a Deja-vu because even the touchscreen and LCD connectors are located on the same area, which is at the top right corner as you lift the display. In short, repairs can be faster and easier for most people.

According to 9-t0-5 Mac, Apple will start replacing broken iPhone screens at their Stores, instead of replacing the whole unit with a refurbished one.

Don’t forget to see more photos here. They also showed a detailed close-up photos of the iPhone 5 logic board.

iFixit.com has great photo tutorials on how to fix your own iPhone or if you ever need to remove your logic board for us to fix it.

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  1. Apple has started replacing broken screen not whole unit.and this type of information do aware people for sorting out small issues at home. Thanks for sharing.

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