iOS 7.1 Update will Fix ‘White/Black Screen of Death’ Bug on iPhones and other iDevices

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If you’ve been experiencing this problem on your iPhone, the upcoming update from Apple is expected to fix the problem.

Apple has acknowledged that this is an issue plaguing many iPhone users. Based on people’s reports, the color of the ‘screen of death’ is based on the color of the face plate of your device.

For example, if you own a white colored iPhone, you will experience the ‘white screen of death’, for those with black colored iPhone, you will get the black screen of death.

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The issue becomes more prominent when battery level drops under 30% according to iPhone users who are experiencing this problem.

iOS 7.1 will also bring some minor changes to the user interface and jailbreakers should be forewarned that the evasi0n 7 jailbreak will no longer work on iOS 7.1. It may take a while before hackers can find new exploits that can be used on iOS 7.1.

The release of iOS 7.1 should be available anytime soon.

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