iPhone 4S or iPhone 4 Unresponsive (Slow) Home Button Quick and Easy Fix

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The home button on your Phone is the single most used button on the device so if it doesn’t respond well to your click, it gets really annoying and frustrating. Here’s a simple calibration fix that you can try.

Method 1

You may want to check on your iOS settings if you accidentally enabled the triple-click Home function.

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Simply go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility and make sure Triple-click Home is off.

Method 2

1. Launch any app
2. Press and hold the sleep/wake (power) button until the slide to power off swipe bar appears.
3. Release sleep/wake button
4. Press and hold Home button lightly until screen returns to home screen. Done!

Method 3

I posted this method about 2 months ago and it worked for most people.

Did any of the trick above worked for you?

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