Possible Fixes for iPhone 5 Short Battery Life that’s Caused by Weak Network Signal

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2012)

Does the iPhone 5 really have better battery life compared to its predecessors? Well, not really according to many users. Here are some fixes you can try.

This issue is widely discussed on Apple’s support forum while folks at iLounge did an analysis of iPhone 5’s battery life which further confirms this issue. Essentially, iPhone 5’s short battery life is caused by the cell antenna struggling to maintain signal at low signal strength areas.

iLounge reported:

“if you’re using your iPhone 5 in places a with a very strong (4- to 5-bar) LTE or 3G signal, your cellular battery life may approach that number, but if not, the cellular antenna will struggle to maintain a signal, and fall well short. Because LTE and 3G/4G towers are in a state of build-out flux right now, our tests suggest that many LTE users won’t come close to Apple’s promised numbers.”

Here are some of iPhone 5 users views and feedback about their new gadget’s battery life:

  • I am having the same issue at a drain rate of about 10-15% per hour of stand by.
  • 100% charge this morning and was down to 13% by noon.
  • Totally agree, I have had to charge my iPhone5 three times today.
  • Today my phone was at 93%. I took a call that lasted 36 minutes and my battery dropped to 48%.

Here are some possible fixes that may help improve its battery life:

Do a Full Cycle Charge

Most if not all new iPhones require a few complete charges and discharges in order for to get the best out of the battery.

After a complete discharge just do a full charge. You will find that the battery life is significantly improved. Once you’ve done a couple of charge cycles then just do it once a month. Hopefully with some patience and full charges the issue will resolve itself.

Microsoft Exchange Account Bug?

If you restored from a backup, delete any corporate Exchange account and re-create it. Some users said this helped improved their battery life.

Maps App

Some users speculated that the new Maps app has a flaw. After using the map, it’s recommended that you kill or terminate the app otherwise it will continue consuming power while running in the background.

Reports and Diagnostic Data

This is a built in reporting system which helps Apple troubleshoot and diagnose hardware and software issues on iPhones. Try turning this off by going into Settings > General > About, scroll down until you see Diagnostic & Usage, touch this and on the next screen choose DON’T SEND. This stops reports and diagnostic data been sent to Apple (which is not needed and in doing so uses less battery).

There are other potential fixes you can try but the above are the main ones.

Could this be a hardware limitation (battery technology) or perhaps a software update from Apple may resolve this altogether? Well, only time will tell.

In the meantime, share your experience about your iPhone 5’s battery life in the comments below.


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