Stuck in Recovery Mode/iTunes Logo When Updating to iOS 9.3.1 Fix

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Updating your iPhone can be tricky, as sometimes you’ll get an unexpected result like such as this.

Many iPhone users are faced with the problem of been stuck in recovery mode when updating to iOS 9.3.1.

Your iPhone may get into recovery mode or stuck on connect to iTunes logo due to various reasons, and iOS 9.3.1 update could be one of the following causes.

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  • iOS9 or other versions of iOS update
  • Factory resetting
  • Wrong operation during jailbreak
  • Other unknown reasons.

Sometimes your iPhone may suddenly get into recovery mode with no certain reasons, below are things you can try out to escape from being stuck in recovery mode.

  • Try to wait about 60 seconds because it might probably leave the recovery mode.
  • Try to uninstall your iTunes and download the latest version. This should temporarily fix the problem.

Other possible solutions which you can try is to follow this step and be sure your problem is solved:

Hold both the Home and Sleep or Wake buttons down for a about 10 seconds, or until the device toggles off, you can now Push the Sleep or Wake button again to switch on your iPhone.

If your iPhone is not in Recovery Mode, the problem is resolved.

If it still appears, continue to Launch iTunes and connect the iPhone to your computer.

You should see a notification appear saying iTunes says that iTunes has detected an iPhone in Recovery Mode.

Click Ok, click the device icon on the left side of the iTunes window, and select the “Summary” tab. Click the “Restore” button and that’s all.

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