Unlock AT&T iPhone 4 iOS 6.1 Baseband 4.12.05 for Free without an AT&T Account

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2020)

Did you manage to get your AT&T iPhone on iOS 6.1 baseband 4.12.05 unlocked yet? Here’s how you can do it yourself by contacting AT&T directly.

If your AT&T iPhone is already out of contract, this guide may work best for you. Apple and AT&T have certain criteria to determine whether your iPhone is eligible for unlocking or not.

Firstly, login to your email and send your unlock request email to AT&T customer care: icare3@amcustomercare.att-mail.com. Please compose the email properly and be polite. The person who reads your email will appreciate that and more likely to respond to your request.

As soon as the email was sent,  you will receive an automated response as shown below (this was an actual email response when I sent a request last year).

If you’re lucky enough, you will get a respond with full instructions on how to proceed:

In case your request was rejected, it still possible to unlock it you can still unlock it here. Click here to learn more.

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