What To Do if You Bought a Lost or Stolen T-Mobile iPhone X

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We love great deals online, but what if the deal turned into a nightmare? Here’s what you can do if you bought a T-Mobile iPhone X that’s reported lost or stolen.


Buying a used iPhone is usually a great deal but we don’t always know the intention of the sellers.

In most cases, sellers are honest when selling their phones to someone.

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However, there may be some unscrupulous sellers who like to take advantage of other people by selling it and then reported it as lost or stolen.

This happens very often just like the one reported on Reddit:

So I seem to have really screwed myself. I bought an iPhone X from someone locally – when I met them, they showed me the phone working, making phone calls, etc… I paid them for it and came home.

Now I’m home and I pop my SIM, and it said “phone not allowed”. Spoke to T-Mobile, and it turns out the seller called and reported the phone lost after he sold it to me.

The seller has since stopped answering my phone calls / texts. I can file a police report, but they’re not likely to care.

This is very tricky because although you can check the status of the phone online using T-Mobile’s IMEI checker website, but you can’t check whether the seller is genuine or not.

First thing you might want to do is to contact the seller and ask for a refund.

This may be a long shot, but if you bought it used on eBay, you can ask for a refund from the seller by following the refund procedures set by eBay.

You will have to arrange to have it shipped back to the seller, once he or she confirms that the iPhone is in order, eBay will release the funds back to your account.

The case may be different if you got your blacklisted iPhone over on Craigslist or on the street. It may be difficult to get your money back because these types of sellers probably won’t entertain your calls at all.

They may use a temporary email address and will no longer respond to your email.

You don’t really have other options but to request for removing of the blacklist on the T-Mobile database.

This can be done remotely using the service here. The service is normally called unbarring or IMEI cleaning.

The service only requires you to submit your 15-digit IMEI on your iPhone X when ordering.

Everything else will be done remotely on the T-Mobile database by changing the status from blocked or blacklsited to clean. It’s really that easy.

The services are available in different timeframe – instant (1-60 minutes), 24 hours service and regular 1-3 business days depending on your requirement.

If you ran out of options, do consider using the service we offer.

Once the blacklist is removed, you’ll have the option to unlock it permanently using this unlocking service for T-Mobile iPhone. This allows you to switch any carrier you like and even use it internationally.

All of the services offered are done remotely and doesn’t require you to ship your phone to us.

Sounds Good! Please fix my T-Mobile iPhone X remotely!

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