5 Easy Ways to Fix iOS 11.4 Battery Draining Issues on your iPhone

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We normally hate updating to the latest iOS because it usually breaks something instead of fixing it especially on the battery life. Here are some steps you can try.


1. Check Battery Usage

First thing first, check the battery usage on your iPhone.

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Some of the apps may be using simply too much juice. This can be identified by going to Settings and then Battery.

Check the Battery Usage section. It will list out all the apps which have been using your phone’s battery for the past 24 hours or the last 7 days.

There’s also a suggestion to enable auto lock your screen if it’s never been activated before.

2. Check Battery Health

By going to same battery settings, you can now check your iPhone’s battery health but only applies for iPhone 6 or newer.

The indication is shown as Maximum Capacity.

The health of your battery degrades over time, typically if it goes beyond 18 months or extremely heavy use.

However, if your device is still new, it shouldn’t matter much and you should be able to get the most of it.

If the battery health has fallen before 50%, you may want to consider replacing the battery at your nearest repair centre or at the Apple Store.

3. Hard Reboot your iPhone

This is normally a fix for many issues. Hard rebooting your iPhone basically refreshes all the processes running in the background and restarting your iPhone’s software.

For older iPhones, you can follow the steps here.


On iPhone X, follow the simple instructions below to reset it.

  • Firstly, press the Volume Up button – briefly press and release the Volume Up button.
  • Next, press the Volume Down button –¬†briefly press and release the Volume Down button.
  • Finally, press and hold Side button –¬†press and hold the Side button (Sleep/Wake button) and then you see the Apple logo appearing

There’s a high chance that the battery issue will be fixed. If not, try the next suggestion.

4. Full Clean iOS Restore

If you’ve been using the iPhone since the early days and have been porting your iOS backup, the iOS backup file may be affected.

Backup your iPhone and do a clean restore and setup your iPhone from scratch.

This is very time consuming but has good chances of maximizing your iPhone’s battery life.

5. Downgrade the iOS

Downgrading your iPhone’s iOS is only possible if Apple is still signing the old version.

Technically, that means Apple still allows you to do so. Normally, Apple will stop it as soon as the new iOS has been published or made available for public.

Other things you can do the fix or extend the battery life of your iPhone:

  • Bring a power bank. No explanation needed here.
  • Activate Low Power Mode.

If all fails, then all we can do is to wait for the next iOS update which may address the battery life issue.

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