5 Fast and Easy Tips to Sell Blacklisted iPhone Online

(Last Updated On: August 13, 2020)

Got a bad IMEI iPhone to sell? We’re sharing these 5 fast and easy tips to sell blacklisted iPhone online to those who are looking for it.

5 fast and easy tips to sell blacklisted iPhone online

Are you one of the many people out there who accidentally purchased a blacklisted iPhone and not being able to use it?

Well, if you plan to sell it off to someone else, this guide may help.

There’s always a possibility that someone is looking for a second or third hand iPhone that can be used for something else.

Before we proceed, there are some possible options for you to reverse the blacklist of the iPhone.

That essentially means removing the blacklist from the carrier database.

If you haven’t explored this option, you can find out the list of blacklist removal services available here.

Nothing works for you? Let’s proceed then.

5 Fast and Easy Tips to Sell Blacklisted iPhone Online

These tips were written based on our experience dealing with iPhones since 2011. Some tips may or not may be applicable to you depending on where you’re located but we’ll do our best to make it generic as much as possible.

1. Verify and Confirm that it’s Really Blacklisted

It doesn’t hurt to double or triple check that the iPhone is really blacklisted. Most US carriers have free IMEI checker tool online that you can use to verify the status.

The result is instant and who knows, the blacklist may no longer be available when you last checked it.

2. Find out the Going Market Price for Blacklisted iPhone

Next, how much should you sell the iPhone? Don’t expect to get a very high price for it.

However, if the iPhone is already unlocked, there’s a high chance that it can be used overseas therefore it may fetch a better price.

Typically, you should price it around 20-30% cheaper compared to a ‘working’ iPhone if you’re selling it locally or roughly around the same market price if sold internationally.

3. Where’s Your Market

As mentioned in tip #2, is your blacklisted iPhone already unlocked? If it is, then it has value outside of your country because not all countries share the same carrier blacklist database.

For instance, if your iPhone is blacklisted in USA, there’s a good chance that it can be used elsewhere although some South American countries do share the blacklist database with North America.

4. List it Online

Once you have determined the first three tips, list it online on the local classifieds or eBay.

Be sure to write everything clearly and state that the device is blacklisted. Your potential buyer needs to know everything before making the purchase.

This is extremely important otherwise your buyer may create a dispute that may cause you to lose even more money!

5. Let your Buyer Sign a Disclaimer

If you’re meeting your buyer face to face, then be sure to let him or her sign a disclaimer that he or she acknowledges that the iPhone is blacklisted.

For online transactions, you need to be sure that the buyer explicit writes that he or she is buying a blacklisted iPhone.

This can be a good evidence in case of any possible dispute.

As a bonus tip, remember to wipe out any data on the iPhone.

If you’ve activated the iCloud Activation Lock, do your buyer a huge favor by disabling it. It only takes a few minutes.

We hope these tips are useful and would help minimize some of your loses when purchasing the blacklisted iPhone.

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