How to Activate Face ID Feature on Older iPhones

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If you wish to activate a Face ID like feature on your older iPhone, you can do so with this simple hack.


The Face ID feature is definitely a useful feature to have. So if you own an older device, there’s still a way for you to enjoy this unofficial feature offered by a jailbreak app called Appellancy

How to Activate Face ID Feature on Older iPhones:

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1. Jailbreak your iPhone using the latest available methods.

2. Launch Cydia and go to Sources and enter

3. Next, search for Appellancy and install it. This tweak is paid tweak that costs US$1.99.

4. After the installation, go to Home screen to launch the Appellancy app.

5. Tap on ‘+’ to add a new user.

6. Take your own photos by following the on-screen instructions.

7. You can now unlock your iPhone using your face.


Since Apple doesn’t endorse this app, use it with caution as it may not be 100% secure.

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