How to Clean and Unlock Blacklisted iPhone for Free (2021 Guide)

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2021)

Is there such good thing in this world for someone to clean and unlock blacklisted iPhone for free? Yes, with certain conditions of course.

  • There is a difference between blacklisted and blocked iPhone
  • Blacklisted iPhone due to lost or stolen can be cleaned
  • Blocked iPhone due to unpaid bills etc. can be unlocked right away

clean and unlock blacklisted iPhone for free

Introduction to Blacklisted iPhone

Buying a used iPhone can be very challenging, especially if your seller is dishonest.

It may work for the first few days but then suddenly you lost network when the ‘No Service’ appeared on your iPhone’s screen.

You thought it’s the cell tower making problems but later you found out that your iPhone has been blacklisted by your carrier.

You started to panic and tried to contact the seller but he or she didn’t respond to you and eventually you got blocked by the seller too.

This scenario has already become too familiar for us for dealing with blacklisted or blocked iPhones since 2011.

How does Your Carrier Blacklist a Smartphone?

Each iPhone or smartphone has a unique serial number called IMEI. You can find this under Settings > General > About.

When an iPhone is identified as lost, stolen, insurance claimed, unpaid balance etc., the carrier can immediately blacklist on the database.

Nowadays, carriers are sharing their databases which mean if your device is already blacklisted on one carrier, it is blacklisted on all carriers.

Is it Stuck on iCloud Lock Activation Screen?

A lost or stolen device normally has the activation lock enabled as well.

This doesn’t allow you to access the device without knowing the Apple ID of the original owner.

In this case, the iCloud lock needs to be removed first.

If you’re in a hurry and looking to fix your device immediately, go to the link here to download and install iMyFone LockWiper for Mac or here for Windows.

The software above allows you to do the following in three simple steps:

  • Unlock Apple ID/iCloud Account without Password
  • Remove iPhone Passcode from Locked
  • Disabled, Broken Screen Bypass MDM (Mobile Device Management)
  • Activation Screen Bypass Screen Time or Restrictions Passcode
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Alternatively, you don’t wish to use any software, simply order the unlock below.


It can be done by doing it remotely by tapping on the image above.

How to Remove the Blacklist without Asking the Carrier?

In the early days we had to resort to hardware hacking by changing the IMEI to remove the barred device from the network but it’s more challenging nowadays due to the tiny components of the iPhone’s logic board.


So, for the past few months our partner we has developed a remote method of cleaning or clearing the blacklisted IMEI first on the carrier first and then unlocking afterwards.

Before we get you all excited, we would like to put a disclaimer here that this will only work on T-Mobile USA devices for any device on any worldwide network – so even if you own an Android device such as Samsung, this solution will still work for you.

How Do I Really Know if My iPhone is Carrier Locked?

If you’re new to iPhone, locked iPhone is only supported by its own original carrier. For instance, if you got an AT&T iPhone, inserting different SIM card will show SIM not supported message.


This is a way to confirm that your iPhone is locked to a specific carrier.

What’s the Limitation of Unlocking Blacklisted iPhone?

We are working on to make it available on other carriers so if yours is not a T-Mobile iPhone please be sure to subscribe at the bottom of this page.

Almost all carriers have a policy of disallowing iPhones to be unlocked if they are blacklisted.

This is under the assumption that the device was acquired using illegitimate method therefore why such restrictions have been applied.

However, the service we provide which is available on our online Store can unlock any device despite blacklisted or blocked.

Steps to Unlock Blacklisted iPhone

If you decide to use a third party service that could increase the success rate to unlock your iPhone, simply follow the steps below:

  1. On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > About and take note of your device IMEI/MEID
  2. Order the unlock service
  3. Wait for the unlock confirmation via your email
  4. Insert your preferred carrier SIM card

Normally the unlock is done in 1 to 3 work days depending on the status of your iPhone on the database.

Please be sure to get your device off from the blacklist first. This means if you do a check on Sprint or T-Mobile’s IMEI checker tool, you’ll see it turning from ‘blocked’ to ‘clean’.

(Note: the steps outlined below above is for Sprint or T-Mobile device only)

What are the Models Supported?

This is a combo service that allows you to get your device working again not only in USA but anywhere in the world since it will be officially unlocked. It will not re-lock and the solution is permanent. All the following models are supported:

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro / iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS / XS Max / XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8/8+
  • iPhone 7/7+
  • iPhone 6s+/6s/SE
  • iPhone 5 and earlier models
  • Samsung and all other Android Devices

There’s no need to ship your device and all we need is the 15-digit IMEI of your iPhone.


The steps to unlock blacklisted iPhone:

  1. Get your 15-digit IMEI / ESN from your iPhone
  2. Submit the IMEI
  3. Wait for email notification that your unlock is ready
  4. Change to another SIM card
  5. iPhone is unlocked

We suggest that you take advantage of this unique and exclusive service while it’s still available because none of us know it will go down.

Once the server is offline you’ll miss your chance to get your iPhone cleaned and unlocked.

Please get my iPhone Cleaned and Unlocked Now!


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