How to Factory IMEI Unlock Canada Bell iPhone for $50

(Last Updated On: July 26, 2019)

Are you already a customer with Canada Bell and need to unlock your iPhone? Try these free tips to unlock it for $50.

You’ve probably spent ages to find a way to unlock your iPhone locked to Canada’s Bell network. Bell has always been strict with their unlocking policy. There has never been a way to unlock it if you purchased an iPhone from Bell. However, based on the recent discussion here, Bell has updated their policy and now allow unlocking under certain terms and conditions as highlighted below:

  • If you own a subsidized Bell phone, it must be 90 days into term to unlock and pay $50
  • If you own a phone on prepaid, outright, or have a Bell employee account you can unlock immediately for $50
  • If you have a credit limit or restriction on your account (i.e. paid a deposit or have an existing spending cap), you wait 90 days and pay $150 to unlock, regardless of how you purchased your phone
  • Applies to all Bell phones, iPhone, turbo sticks, hubs and iPads. Tablets and hotspots can’t be unlocked.
This policy has gone into effect since September 16, 2013. Simply contact Bell customer service if you fulfilled the criteria mentioned above.

Alternatively, we also offer factory unlocking service for Canada Bell iPhone but it must not be blacklisted, which means it’s not reported stolen, missing or has unpaid bills. The unlock can be done within 2-7 business days.

This is ideal if you don’t have an account with Canada Bell. Unlike most carriers, there’s no additional requirement to use our unlock service. You just need to be sure that your iPhone has been activated via iTunes (you can get to the Home screen) and all models are supported including the latest iPhone 5s and 5c.

We also provide the same unlocking service for Fido/Rogers Canada iPhone.

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