How to Get T-Mobile Account Info – PIN, SSN and Wireless Number

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If you forget the basic info such as PIN, SSN, Account Name and Wireless Number attached to your T-Mobile account, here’s what you can do.


Some people have mentioned about this request on Reddit:

So my wife finally got her invite and I ordered a 6p and 5x. Everything is fine but there is a page that wants you to put in info so when you have the phone, porting can be fast and seamless.

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I put in my name, address, etc but it is asking for my account number which I can find but where is my pin?

It was obvious that some people would forget the PIN associated to the account or device.

One person responded that the last four digits of SSN and my number port was done in seconds.

In any case if you need the reset the PIN, you can do it by following the reset your Pay in Advance PIN instructions as recommended by T-Mobile:

  1. Call 611 from your phone.
  2. When prompted, say “Reset pin.”
  3. Follow the automated system steps to reset your PIN.

However, if it doesn’t work, T-Mobile recommends that you head to the nearest store to reset it.

There’s a possibility that the same PIN used if you have set up a voicemail account through T-Mobile and if you haven’t set up one before it would be the last 4 digit of the account holder’s SSN.

As a last resort, you can use this service here to get the PIN, SSN, Account Name and Wireless Number tied to the IMEI of the device. Click here to learn more.

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