How to Use a Blacklisted iPhone X from Any US Carrier (2021 Guide)

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2020)

If you accidentally bought a blacklisted iPhone, this will guide you on how to use a blacklisted iPhone X from any US carrier such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon.

how to use a blacklisted iPhone x

The iPhone X is a highly sought after device as it’s a flagship model by Apple. An unlocked iPhone X model is sold at a high price but people are still buying them. There are many brand new and used iPhone X for sale online. However, there are some dishonest sellers out there who intend to make a quick buck and sell the iPhone X at low price.

Why are they sold at low price? It’s because most of them are blacklisted. A blacklisted iPhone X means it’s blocked by all carriers. Once it’s blocked, the iPhone X can’t be used on the network and will show as ‘No Service’. This is used iPhone buyers worse nightmare.

Introduction to Blacklisting

You cannot be able to use a blacklisted iPhone if you dont have an insight of what is a blacklist and what makes the iPhone  blacklisted. If you buy a blacklisted iPhone X, the first thing that you will notice is that the iPhone doesn’t receive any signal from the carrier. Even after taking the iPhone to a professional phone repair, you both detect no hardware issue.

This may feel like it is the end of the world for you. The good thing is that someone out here has gone through the same thing and come up with a solution for you. It is easy to use a blacklisted iPhone X but only if the iPhone is not stuck on the iCloud activation screen.

Before we proceed, I bet it is imperative to check online if your phone has a bad IMEI number. You can use a Blacklisted IMEI checker you trust and proceed if you are pretty sure that the iPhone you just purchased is blacklisted. There are free tools that you can use in the US but the reality of the matter is that the process is done directly on US carriers blacklisting databases. This can be done without any limit.

What is a Blacklisted IMEI number?

IMEI number stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity number. It is either 14, 15 or 16 digits long and it is unique for every iPhone. For this reason, an iPhone cannot be used with a different SIM card unless you visit the Appstore or call the carrier.

The IMEI also serves a security purpose. A blacklisted IMEI number is almost the same thing as a bad ESN. The device will have a blacklisted IMEI number if another person without the authority of the owner uses it. The reason for this may be if the device was reported missing, lost or stolen or even if the owner had an outstanding debt.

Check if your Phone has a Blacklisted IMEI number?

I usually advice people to check if the iPhone they intend to buy has a clean IMEI number before finalizing the purchase. In order to check if the iPhone’s IMEI is blacklisted or not, you need to get the IMEI by either dialing *#06#. You can get this number from the back of the box. You can as well get it by navigating the settings, general settings, About.

After you get the IMEI number, there is an online tool where you can verify this. You can check the device here You are just required to go to the page and enter the IMEI, enter your contact details and you will get a verification.

You can contact the carrier to get the details. Just look for a Logo on the iPhone and you will get an insight of the Carrier that sold the machine. Just make a call and they will; ask you several details to get in touch with the initial owner of the iPhone.

How does an iPhone X behave after blacklisting?

An iPhone doesn’t have an unlock code. What this means is that after it has been blacklisted, it is not possible to unlock it anyhow. It can be officially unlocked on Apple servers. This means that even after restarting the iPhone or even resetting factory data settings, nothing will change. It will not receive any connection. Even if you insert a simcard from the carrier, it will still show ‘’no signal’’.

How to Use a Blacklisted iPhone X from Any US Carrier

If you found this article via Google it’s not a mere coincidence. In 2013, more than 3.2 million devices have gone missing or stolen in the USA. Since then, a blacklist database has been created to block any device that’s lost, stolen and with unpaid bills. It is possible that the iPhone you just purchased was stolen, lost or the initial owner has unpaid bills and that’s the reason why you are having all this trouble.

Is it still possible to save an iPhone X that’s blacklisted in the USA?

Yes, thankfully but not all carriers are supported for now. Currently, if you own a T-Mobile iPhone X, it’s by far the best device to be saved. Next is Verizon, Sprint and then finally AT&T.

There are two ways to use a blacklisted iPhone X as outlined below.

Remove the Blacklist of iPhone X

On this example, we will use T-Mobile iPhone X as test case because of the good performance of the service to remove the blacklist.

The blacklist removal is done remotely simply by using the 15-digit IMEI number that can be found under Settings > General > About.

The T-Mobile iPhone X IMEI blacklist removal is here and for other carriers are available here.

As soon as the blacklist has been removed, use the link below to verify it.

A ‘congratulations‘ message will be displayed and the iPhone X can be activated and used normally on the T-Mobile network.

Another way of saying of removing the blacklist is to ‘’unblacklist’’ an iPhone. Currently, there’s no free solution available except if you can really prove to the carrier that the device originally belongs to you.

What’s worse than a blacklisted iPhone X is if the iPhone’s iCloud is turned on. The ESN and the IMEI are recorded on the carrier’s databases and hence there is no help that can be done remotely. Apple Company introduced iCloud Activation Lock on their later iOS versions.

This was specifically done to disallow illegitimate activation of the lost or stolen iPhone devices. This measure was also meant to significantly reduce cases of iPhone thefts in the US and other parts of the world which had been alarming.

Unless if you have the iCloud username and password, you can only activate it using an iCloud removal service which can be found in our online Store.

Unlock the Blacklisted iPhone X

If you decide not to use the iPhone in USA, you can still opt to unlock it for international use. Please do note that for T-Mobile iPhone X, it is a requirement to remove it from the blacklist before the unlock can be done. You can only remove a blacklist status via a verified IMEI unlock service.

However, the first measure that we advise is to get in contact with the original user and ask him or her if they can help you unlock the machine. If you cannot reach them, then you can just remove the blacklist via a verified IMEI unlock service, unlock the phone and sell it for use in other countries.

This will also ensure that the success rate to unlock it will be as high as possible. The unlock for blacklisted T-Mobile iPhone X is done the same way via the device’s 15-digit IMEI.

A full list of unlock for different US and global carriers for iPhone X are available. We know that everyone wants a free unlock service but unfortunately that’s not yet available unless if you have an AT&T device which is not blacklisted. You can learn more about unlocking your AT&T iPhone X for free here.

What Mobile Networks can I use if I unlock a Blacklisted iPhone X?

Generally, you will be needed to use all mobile networks apart from those that operated in the same country where the iPhone is Blacklisted. What this means is that if your iPhone X was blacklisted in the US, you can get a trusted unlocking blacklisted iPhone service provider and use your phone in all the other carriers except the ones in the US. For instance, You can get to the UK and activate your device on Orange UK.

How to check if the iPhone X is unlocked?

There are several things that you can do to check whether the iPhone X is unlocked. However, the easiest way to check if the phone is permanently unlocked is by inserting a different sim card. Also you should ensure that the sim card you insert is from a different network.

An easy example would be if an iPhone X is from AT&T network and if you insert a sim card from another network, you will get a message ‘’iPhone has a sim card from different network or ‘’incorrect sim card inserted’’. This means that the device is network blocked.

However, after inserting the sim card and the device gets signals and you can make calls and receive the texts, the machine is unblocked.

What if you cannot activate or unlock the device?

There are several things that you can do with an iPhone which is blacklisted. If you cannot remove the blacklist or even unlock the device, you can do any of the following.

Ask for a refund from the seller

If you don’t want to incur the cost of activating or unlocking the device, you can get in contact with the seller and ask for a refund. If you bought this device on eBay, you should follow the refund procedures set by eBay to get a refund. The first thing is to arrange to get the device shipped back.

After eBay had received the device, they will release the funds back to your account. It’s that easy. However, if you got the device on other sites, the case may be difficult. If you bought the machine on the street or on Craigslist, you may have a hard time trying to reach them for a refund. These types of sellers will not entertain your calls and hence they may not help you.

Get the IMEI Cleaned

If you cannot reach the sellers, the  next thing to think about it is to get the IMEI number cleaned. You can get the machine cleaned if it is locked to Verizon, EE (UK), Orange (UK). It is now possible to remove the iPhone X device from the blacklist without having to ship it.

However, you have to note that several other GSM networks are not supported but soon the service maybe available for every user. The services we provide are highly reliable and they have helped several people out there who were going through the same problem. These services are not limited to iPhones only. They can work for any type of device such as iPad and Android devices. You are also required to use the Blacklist checker to verify whether the iPhone is now clean.

Contact the owner, Authority or the Carrier for assistance

In some cases, if you contact any of the above, you can get the help you need to start using the iPhone. Some of the authorities or the carriers will have the original owner’s number and they can help you on the process of reaching him or her for help. If the phone was lost or stolen, you can contact the owner and get it returned. Contacting the carrier is possible to help track the owner. They will use the 15-digital IMEI of the device and try to track down who initially owned the device.


Don’t worry so much if you purchased a blacklisted iPhone X. Rest assured that there are still solutions available for your device. It’s totally up to you whether you wish to just remove the blacklist, to unlock it or both. Now browse our online store to find the best solution for your device.

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