Is it Genuine or Fake? How to Spot Fake iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S

(Last Updated On: June 18, 2020)

How easy it to spot the difference between a genuine and a fake iPhone 6S? To the untrained eyes, it will be difficult. See the side-by-side comparison below.

The iPhone has been cloned multiple times since it was first released. Each version gets better all the time and becomes very hard for ordinary users to spot which is fake or genuine.

Even during the release of iPhone 4S a few years ago, the quality has been very good but I wrote a blog post about it.

In the example above, can you guess which one is genuine or fake? Obviously the right one is the genuine one.

The person who took the photo highlighted that they clock is actually a good way to indicate whether it’s real or not.

Here are some additional pointers of how to make sure that you get the real deal:

  • Siri – this is the surest way to check. Long press Home button to activate Siri. If it doesn’t come up, go to Settings > General > and turn on Siri.
  • Settings – go to Settings > General > About and check that it has modem firmware shown.
  • Performance – the iPhone 6/6s’ chip is a fast processor and you must be able to see how fast you can launch apps, switch between apps etc.
  • Apps – if you see strange looking apps or apps you’ve never seen before, chances are it’s not real.
  • Built – check the general built quality of the phone, it shouldn’t feel plastic, pentalobe screws are used, also check its proximity sensor slot (see photo above) etc.
  • Serial number check – if you have access to the internet, you can check the iPhone’s information here just by entering the IMEI (Go to Settings > General > About).
  • Bring a friend if you’re new to iPhone. An experienced iPhone user should be able to tell the difference.

If you’re buying online, it will be even more difficult to spot the fake. Knowing the IMEI and doing a check is the best way to identify it. Last but not least, do read on this post about on how to buy any used iPhone online to avoid being scammed.


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