It’s Possible to Unlock Your iPhone with Outstanding Balance (2021 Guide)

(Last Updated On: January 1, 2021)

Got an iPhone that is financed or unpaid bills? Don’t worry because it’s possible to unlock your iPhone with outstanding balance. This guide is also applicable for any smartphone.

  • If your phone has unpaid balance, financed, under contract, unpaid bills or not paid off, you can unlock it to switch network or carrier.
  • Any carrier or smartphone is supported.

Unlock Your iPhone with Outstanding Balance

iPhone with Outstanding Balance or Unpaid Bills

Most of us love to find online deals but getting an iPhone is a bit tricky because you’re bound to run a bunch of issues if you’re not careful with your purchase.

For instance, you may purchase an iPhone that’s blacklisted or blocked on the carrier network due to unpaid bills or outstanding balance.

This is going to be hassle because most people tend to miss this step when buying a used iPhone.

Checking the Unpaid Bills or Outstanding Balance Status

Firstly, it’s important to know the status of the iPhone e.g. outstanding balance before attempting to unlock it.

In this example, we will use T-Mobile iPhone due to the fact that it’s currently the best carrier to unlock right now (as at Summer of 2018).

T-Mobile provides a free IMEI checker that will show whether your iPhone is blocked or financed (outstanding balance).

If it’s blocked, then you should consider removing the blockage first using the T-Mobile blacklist removal tool.

Once the blockage is removed normally you’ll either get the message:



This device has an outstanding balance that must be paid…”.

If the device wasn’t blocked initially, you can proceed with unlocking it using the official T-Mobile iPhone unlocking service.

The Important of Checking Unpaid Balance Status

It’s very vital to check an iPhone status before making any purchase to avoid any trouble or issue.

Although the reduced price for used devices is very attractive, you may end up paying at a higher price to be able to use device.

Most people won’t use the paying option due to the fact that it will cost them more instead of buying a new, full-price and fully unlocked iPhone.

There are available options to remove the unpaid balance but it’s best to get a device that has a ‘clean’ status from the beginning.

Thus this has become a common question from people if can you unlock your phone or iPhone if you still owe money on it.

In short, you don’t have to deal with this trouble and spend hours online just to get your device working.

Carrier Supported: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon and more

The carriers listed above are the biggest in USA right now.

However, other smaller carriers can also be unlocked as most of them are using the biggest carriers network.

Recently, T-Mobile has acquired Sprint and both carriers have since merged.

Which Carrier to Choose?

We highly recommend that you get a T-Mobile iPhone right now instead of other iPhones which are locked to Sprint or AT&T because they are somewhat require a lot of time and effort to get them unlocked.

Sprint iPhones for example have a status called SPCS on the Sprint database.

If this status is NO, it’s more challenging to remove the outstanding balance. Whereby if the status is YES, it can be done very fast.

Meanwhile, AT&T iPhones normally have the following status:

  • Clean – no unpaid bills, not blacklisted, out of contract
  • Service Agreement – can’t be unlocked with a low cost service
  • Lost or Stolen – blacklisted and can be unlocked for use outside of USA using premium service (slow right now), read here on how to remove the blacklist
  • In Contract – as the name implies and requires a semi-premium service to unlock
  • Active on Another Account – the iPhone is tied to another customer’s account but can be unlocked using this

Can You Use Your iPhone with Outstanding Balance on Another Carrier?

The good news with outstanding balance iPhone is that it’s only blocked on the original carrier.

So if you’re able to unlock it, you can switch carrier quite easily.

It’s different compared to lost or stolen iPhone because the device will be blacklisted on all carriers.

How About Removing the Unpaid Bills or Outstanding Balance Status?

If you accidentally bought a used iPhone with unpaid bills, can you change the status from unpaid bills to clean?

The best thing about buying a used device is getting a good price of it.

However, it has a lot of drawbacks because potentially the device may be blocked by its network or blacklisted on all US network.

Here are some of the reasons why they get blocked:

  • Unpaid bills or Financed
  • Lost
  • Stolen
  • Reported missing
  • Insurance claims
  • Fraud

On Sprint carrier’s database for instance, once a device has been blocked, it will show the status like the following:


SPCS is short for Sprint Personal Communications Service.

What else can you do with a device that’s blocked or blacklisted on the network? Well, here are some possible options:

  • Unlock the device
  • Sell the device

If you choose to unlock the device, as long as it’s not blocked on other network, you can use it on Verizon, AT&T or T-Mobile (USA network).

However, if it’s blocked on all network, you can still unlock it but you may not be able to use it in USA.

That’s still not the end though, because there are options for you to fix the ESN/IMEI of Sprint remotely.

Fixing the ESN/IMEI/MEID

Fixing the ESN/IMEI remotely would mean “cleaning” or “unblacklisting” it on the network.

Once it has been cleaned, other carriers will update their databases as well which makes it possible for you to use on all network for as long as the device is unlocked as mentioned earlier.

Once the phone is cleaned or removed from blacklist, the process to unlock an unpaid phone can begin.

Fast and Easy Unlock Solution for iPhone with Outstanding Balance

Yes, it’s very confusing just to get an iPhone unlocked but head to our online Store to unlock your iPhone fast and hassle free.

The steps to unlock iPhone with unpaid balance:

  1. Submit your 15-digit IMEI
  2. Wait for your order to be processed (subject to carrier)
  3. Receive an email notification that your unlock is ready
  4. Insert your preferred carrier SIM card
  5. Unlock completed


As outlined above, it doesn’t need any technical knowledge and everything is done remotely.

The good news is that devices with unpaid balance can be unlocked.

If you have any question, you can leave your comments below.


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