4 Great Hacks for Your iPhone 4S on iOS 5 without Jailbreaking

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Here are four ways of hacking into your iPhone 4S without any jailbreak. They will open new options without jeopardizing your device.

As you all know, iOS 5 is a closed, Apple protected system. To install new functionalities or even programs that are not allowed on the AppStore, it is necessary to jailbreak the iPhone (at your own risk). It is not a complicated feat, but some users simply prefer to leave their iOS 5 intact for safety reasons.

So with the help of a few developers, a few tweaks were discovered in order to hack and tamper with your iPhone 4S. The next perks allow you to “pimp-up” your iPhone 4S without fear of damaging it or even compromising your device.

I will teach you how to take Panorama Pictures by enabling hidden features. You will also be able to customize your iPhone’s vibrations in order to recognize a call even without looking at the screen or listening to a ringtone. Turning your iPhone into a Personal Hotspot is also one of the presented features that will enable you to use internet in any other device such as an iPad without 3G. I’ll even teach you how to Browse the web privately, just follow the instructions below.

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1. Turn your iPhone 4S into a standalone Wi-Fi base station

It is not a genius discovery, but it could save you some money. In other words, you can transform your iPhone 4s into a tiny internet access point and mobile router.

A few drawbacks worth to mention before we continue. First of all the battery life. Your iPhone 4 has very limited amount of battery when operating over 3G. It becomes power hungry (Your iPhone will connect through 3G in order to enable the internet access over Wi-Fi) That battery limit is about 5 hours. Secondly, if you’re connecting it to an iPad, it won’t have GPS. The iPad through Wi-Fi will only calculate an approximate result. That may interfere with whatever action you are doing on your iPad.

Nevertheless it is a great choice if you are planning to buy an iPad to go along with your iPhone, or simply to enable web into your laptop occasionally. You can choose a cheaper Wi-Fi version of the iPad, and use your iPhone as an internet provider. Also worth mentioning is that your hotspot will turn itself off after 1 hour if it is not used.

Depending on your carrier, here is what you should do to use your very own personal Hotspot for the first time:

1 – Access Settings and tap on click on General, Network.

2 – Choose Personal Hotspot and turn it on by tapping on the On/Off button. (Attention, some carriers do not provide internet tethering, for which this option will not be available. Also, depending on your carrier, you may be able to choose Personal Hotspot directly from Settings).

3 – You will then choose a Wi-Fi password. Users will need to enter this password in order to access your hotspot, so choose it wisely. It is recommended that the password contains Uppercase letters and numerals. However you can choose whatever password you like as long as it has more than 8 characters.

4 – After entering the password, tap Done, and you’ll be asked how you want to share your internet access. Choose USB and Wi-Fi if that’s the case, and you’re done!

5- Use your iPad or laptop to search for your hotspot (it will have the name of your iPhone). You can then access the internet through Wi-Fi (on a radius of approximately 7 free meters around your iPhone) simply by entering your chosen password.

2. Private Browsing

We know, you want to check out the new pictures of your ex, but you don’t want your current partner to know. Or maybe you just want to make some secret gift shopping. Well now you can! You only need to turn on Private Browsing. It allows you to browse the web without leaving a trace on your phone. Here is how:

1 – In your Settings app, search for Safari and open it.

2 – Inside you will find the Privacy tab. There you can turn on Private Browsing by tapping on the On/Off switch. Right underneath you can change the “Accept cookies” option. Et Voilá.

3. Panorama Pictures

iOS 5 has a hidden feature that will make every photography lover rejoice. The discovery was made by Conrad Kramer, and later developed by RedmondPie in order to work on every NON-Jailbroken iPhone 4s and iPad2.

The Panorama picture is a functionality that allows your phone to create a single landscape picture by adding several attached to each other. In order to get it to work you should follow the next few steps (attention, you are going to meddle in the iPhone’s Library what could damage or brick your device. Do it at your own risk.):

1 – First you should back up your data in iTunes. Don’t jump this step! It is absolutely necessary for you to perform the hack. (Simply open iTunes, right click on your connected iPhone and choose Back-up.)

2 – Download, install and launch a little program called “iBackupBot”. You can find a free trial here for Mac and Windows.

3 – Inside the right tab of your iBackupBot, locate the file Library/Preferences/com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist and double click on it. An editing page will open with a small text.

4 – Directly underneath <key>DiskSpaceWasLow</key> <false/>, add <key>EnableFirebreak</key> <true/> and click the disk item to save.

5 – Now go back to iTunes, restore with your backup (the one you just tampered with).

6 – Tah-dah! You successfully hacked your iPhone 4S without any hiccups. Pick up your phone, open the Camera application, navigate to Options and click on Panorama to start shooting panorama pictures.

4. Custom Vibrations

Our last, but not least, interesting hidden feature of the iOS5 is personally of my true favorites. You can customize the vibration pattern of your iPhone 4S by defining your own rhythms. Besides, you can even apply a different rhythm to each contact of your list.

Imagine that you have your phone on silent inside your pocket. If you follow this guide, you can know who’s calling without even looking at the screen. Also, you will not need to change any hidden file, or even jailbreak your device. This option is well hidden within the iPhone’s settings menu.

To create new vibrating patterns follow these steps:

1 – Through the Settings application, select General and open the Accessibility menu. Then enable Custom Vibrations.

2 – Also in Settings, select Sounds, and open Vibration in order to record a customized vibration pattern. Flip to the end of the list to record a custom vibration pattern that will replace the default one.

3 – When creating a new vibration, just tap the screen with the intended rhythm. When finished, choose Stop and Play to double check you achieved the desired result. Then just save the pattern with a custom name and you’re ready to go.

4 – Now if you want to assign that pattern to a contact, choose one from your contact list, tap Edit, Vibration, and choose the one created (or Create a New Vibration). That’s it!

Stay tuned to BeijingiPhoneRepair.com for more tweaks and perks. We will keep you up to date with all new discovered features.

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