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  1. Richard, Some time ago I checked with and said SIMLocked :Yes

    I unlocked my iphone using Loktar's method, but at the same time I requested At&T for a factory unlock , which was rejected.
    Know , if I check my phone at says : SIM Locked :NO

    Is this due to my activation thru Loktar's method? Is My iphone factory unlocked now?
    I need to activate it for another sim, but I am affraid that if I do a restore in itunes i loose the activation I have for the first one.
    Thanks for your help

  2. So why are they rejecting requests? Mostly because :
    • The person requesting the unlock is a current AT&T customer or a former AT&T customer who can provide the phone number or account number for their account.
    So what if I make an account or provide a AT&T mobile number? do I need the one binded to the mobile?

    • Yes. They will ask for the Phone Number/Account Number and passcode if there was one associated with it in order to verify.

  3. Heyy .. My iPhone got factory unlocked from AT&T without ending contract.
    I sent unlock request 15 days before and still waiting for reply from at&t, but today just I inserted my actual Indian sim and connected to itunes, it asked for activation and i followed the onscreen options in iphone thro wifi .. thats it .. it got activated .. no restore also .. directly activated .. btw my phone is not jailbroken.

    One more thing, I checked status in, it is showing correct status as "sim locked : no".
    So guys try your luck, no need to wait for any confirmation mail also …………:):)

    • Hey I tried ur way and my iphone is unlocked now :D I am so happy thanks for informing that they reject it but still have unlocked it :)
      Guys please try if u did request and they didnt accept by connecting ur phone to itunes with a different sim its working for me with 3G network in UK .

  4. hi,
    i got email that saying my request is rejected. i checked my status with and got SIM Locked :NO i have iphone 4 BB 4.11.08 ios 5.1 tethered jailbreack unlock using SAM method. But followed above steps. and bingo… my problem is, second time i restore my 4n using itunes and for the second time it gives a congratulation message. does this message will come every time 1 restore my 4n and activating with itune?

    PS. sorry for my bad english

  5. My uncle in the US sent me an iPhone 4 a few months ago. It's got baseband 4.11.08. I've been waiting for an unlock FOREVER. I was so bummed when I missed out on SAM then I saw your post about AT&T. I asked my cousin in the US to call AT&T. After a few days, she got an email saying the phone was not valid. I was crushed! Then a few days later, she got another email saying the issue was resolved and to wait for the instructions which will be emailed by May 15. I couldn't wait that long so I followed the instructions on this post. First, I checked and verified that my phone's status was "SIM Locked: No". Then, I downloaded redsn0w, deactivated, connected to iTunes and finally, I got the "Congratulations! Your iPhone has been unlocked!" message! YES!! I'm now using my iPhone on Globe (Philippines). I'm SO happy! Thanks, Richard!

  6. I tried the above method but did not get a message "congratulations your IPhone is unlocked" but still I got the signal for a different sim card. I unlocked earlier using SAM. Does that mean my phone is factory unlocked or is it still because of SAM

  7. how long does it take for to get the sim locked status. Mine is waiting since 2 hrs.

    Also, i tried doing the restore with itunes but it says it will first download ios 5.1 and install and the restore. The file is more than 700 MB and it will take me hours.

    Anyone's suggestion will be greatly appreciated.

    • after a few hours, i got tired of constantly checking for results from so i gave it until the next day and the results were in by then. you don't have to restore. just follow the instructions on this post. ignore itunes prompt for updates.

  8. Hi – Is there any chance AT&T can lock iphone again? I got mine unlocked even after same rejection email – I was about to send my proof of purchase but just before sending I got mail of rejection, I then connected to itunes and bingo – I got it unlocked…So thats why wondering if it could be locked by AT&T again if i dont send proofs now or I update my iphone's firmware to latest version??

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