Backup Your SAM Unlocked iPhone Activation Ticket with Redsn0w 0.9.10b8

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I’m sure many of you have successfully unlocked your iPhone on any baseband using loktar_sun’s SAM manipulation method which I posted yesterday! Great, now it’s highly recommended that you save your activation ticket for future use.

Dev Team via @MuscleNerd just updated redsn0w to version 0.9.10b8 that allows you to save your activation ticket with a few clicks. On their blog:

redsn0w 0.9.10b8 adds the ability to backup arbitrary directories or files from your device into a zip file on your Mac or PC. The new button is Extras->Even More->Backup and it requires your device to be jailbroken with the afc2 service enabled (most jailbreaks include that). By default it will backup your activation records from /var/root/Library/Lockdown, which is useful for everyone taking advantage of today’s SAM unlock using Loktar_Sun’s trick (more on that in a later post!).
Here are the redns0w download links:

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Alternatively, you can do it manually and there are already plenty of tutorials you can find on Google.

This activation ticket is valid for up to 3 years, quite a long time come to think of it.

What are you waiting for?!

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  1. first of all thanks for the tutorial works perfect, but my problem is my imessage is not working properly, always on waiting activation!! it only let me send with email and not with my phone number, anyone can help me ????

  2. can i restore mi iphone 4 to the latest firmware and then replace the LOCKDOWN file to its original lication and it will be unlocked again??

  3. i have i question if my iphone dies or shuts off do i loose the unlock and jailbreak?

    and say if i bought a stolen att iphone and next week the owner calls and reports it stolen will it effect me?

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