Can Standard Size and Micro SIM Cards be Cut into Nano SIM for iPhone 5?

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You’ve pre-ordered your iPhone 5 and now waiting for the delivery. If you’re an iPhone 4/4S user you might be wondering about the iPhone 5’s nano SIM card size.


Thankfully, if you already cut your SIM card to make it fit for your iPhone 4 or 4S, you can cut it even more to make it compatible for the iPhone 5.

As you can see from the image above, the Micro SIM and Nano SIM were originally standard size SIM cards.

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Just like the Micro SIM, the Nano SIM also has a converter to convert it to a full sized SIM card.

This is a bit annoying – as you all know but this is one of the many ways on how Apple and its partners (mobile service providers) prevent their customers from freely switching to another network.

Now you just need to find your nearest mobile phone repair center to get your SIM card cut, or probably get a SIM cutter from eBay. If you’re willing to take some risks, you can cut your own SIM card with a pair of scissors; video tutorials are available on YouTube.

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